LV Epi's & wrinkling...

  1. I don't have any Epi pieces yet but was condsiderng getting an Epi speedy. I had read about "slight" wrinkling with these LV's. I found a really pretty Epi speedy on Ebay but it had ALOT of wrinkling all over it. Is this really common? I was wondering if certain Epi bags are more prone to wrinkling than others. Say, an Alma vs. a Speedy..
  2. I've seen that the Epi Speedies seem to have wrinkling always by the zipper. So maybe it's a zipper thing that cuases the leather to sag in and wrinkle. But I've always liked the look of the wrinkles, it looks worn in. lol
  3. Yeah, mine came with wrinkling. I think it was because it came SO stuffed with cardboard, etc. I wasn't thrilled but now I'm ok with it b/c my bag is black and it hardly shows. What color bag are you looking at?
  4. Well, if I can find one, I'd love to get a myrtille one. :smile:
  5. Epi, in my experience, has a tendency to wrinkle in areas where there is frequent handling---particularly near the zipper pull area. I owned an Epi Speedy 25 once and it developed the wrinkles over time.... HTH.
  6. Yeah, it'll definitely show, but wrinkling really does add to the character of the bag. I have wrinkles on my speedy in 2 areas and they don't extend more than an inch, and both are near the zipper, as I said before.
  7. To be honest the wrinkling i've had is so little, its barely noticable!

    My both my fawn speedy and my blue carry all have very little wrinkling. Infact my fawn is 16yrs old and my blue just over 20 and they both have little to none.
    I find that id handled carefully they get little wrinkles. Also the larger sizes like 30 and 45 should be filled well when carried to avoid wrinkles.
  8. I just purchased a new Epi Voyage Soft Briefcase and there's already wrinkling near the zipper and some on the body itself. I have been REALLY careful with it and yet it happened on my Keepall as well. The Louis Vuitton booklet seems to indicate this will happen as well. I guess that's just how Epi is...
  9. The wrinkling is natuley happens to the epi bags. Soft bags will wrinkle more.
  10. It wrinkles but I dont think it detracts much.
  11. Hey thanks everyone for your replies! Much appreciated:flowers:
  12. The newer soft epi wrinkles a bit more than the older ones.
  13. Old Epi bags need some botox treatment LOL

    I saw a girl with speedy 30 at wholefoods, the bag seem aged already ,I noticed the wrinkles an the zipper part seem collapsing..It took me while to figured it's speedy.I don;t know whether this is common or not..
  14. No wrinkling on my speedy 30 black.i 'VE only had it 6 months but looks as yummy as when I got it. I expect some wrinkling, with age, it just adds to the character of the bag I think.
  15. I saw the wrinkling is some pictures but not IRL yet. I'd love to see it for myself though just to know if it won't be something that bugs me.