Lv Epi

  1. when i first saw the epi's on bags, i didnt like it, then i saws them in wallets...better yet man styled manderin and LOVED it. im thinking of buying one, my first LV purchase!
    which do you think i should think about:
    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]430

    [​IMG][​IMG](but in manderin, 285)

    im not so much interested in how many pockets and all, the main thing is the man style, and manderin, and size, so i guess im opting for the second one, what do you guys think?
  2. i'm not a mandarin person (i prefer myrtille) but I do like the epi wallets. they are very understated, very sturdy, and so nice. so if you like it, go for it!
  3. If you want a manly Louis Vuitton wallet, why not something from the taiga or utah line ? They're definately more masculine, and the leather is amazing !
  4. I love the Epi wallet in orange (is that the manderin color?)! My friend got one and I'm always staring at hers everytime we go out shopping.
  5. I like the blue one
  6. It's hard to tell much of a difference from the photo, but I'm sure you'll love the mandarin. I just got my first LV wallet on Saturday, and it's mandarin. It is so fabulous!
  7. I'm dying for a blue or red one, but if you like the mandarin one, I say get it!
  8. i'm a sucker for anything epi in red :love:

    but if i had to choose i would go for the mandarin, it will definitely add a nice punch of color to your daily routine. ;)
  9. i was thinking about it all night....ahh thats it im a goner, im thinking about bags when i could be sleeping...oh god it would be amazing if i had that wallet, that Antigua Cabas GM in white and black and cruise cabas gm in burgendy...
  10. sigh..
  11. i still dont know, i mean i like chanel but a wallets like 600+ dollars right?
  12. In Canada. =) But there was one I saw that was 500.
  13. id rather get a low key LV wallet and then splurge on a classic chanel since everyone has LV, and everyone tells me how they dont see chanel around as much, seems like a good bag to invest in you know?