Lv epi vs. Taiga vs. Hermes vision for a pocket agenda

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  1. #1 Feb 1, 2014
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    Hello Fellow Members,

    I am new to this forum and hope I will be welcomed here as a guy who does leathercrafting and is interested in fashion and learning more about LV/Hermes, etc...

    I am in need of a good agenda and have wanted a decent one for many years now. I am debating between getting a LV Epi, Taiga, or Hermes Vision (or the old style vision that has the pen holder) Pocket Agenda but am also open to other suggestions.

    Here are my views/gripes, etc... and I wanted everyones opinion as I am extremely undecisive:

    Louis Vuitton Epi Pocket Agenda:

    Pro's - Very Unique style and special process that only this has. Have wanted one for a while. Very fashion forward.

    Cons - A lot less descreet. Creases more than the others. Not as chic (a bit plasticky feeling/looking), and screams LV so not as discrete.

    Louis Vuitotn Taiga Pocket Agenda

    Pros - Great quality leather, the Ardois colour is a very unique charcoal. Very chic and young looking, very rich. Could compliment my LV Taiga Bifold Cardholder/Wallet well. More masculine. The most rugged of the bunch. I've had my Taiga wallet for five years and it looks like new.

    Cons - Maybe want something different since I already have a LV Taiga Cardholder/Wallet. Not as nice as Hermes for the same price (used).

    Hermes Vision or LU/MM (with the pen holder) Agenda

    Pros - Amazing Hermes quality and craftsmanship. More discrete and chicest of them all. Doesn't have as much of the popularity factor. Used I have seen them selling for LESS than LV. In fact a used Taiga/Epi is $150-$200 in great condition (new $300) where as a Hermes Vision or older version of the same size I've seen for $100-$200 used in great condition (New $600) and I've even seen them for $150-$200 WITH the sterling silver pen...

    Cons - Refills are a ridiculous $120 compared to LV's $60 and I way prefer LV's refills over the Hermes's. I don't like how the Hermes are vertiical vs. horizontal in orientation and way too funky and have lines where I can get the LV in the Japan version without the lines. Doesn't retain its value as much as LV, although this can be a plus for me. Possibly more scratch prone/less rugged than Taiga?

    However, this might fit the Hermes? It is for an Italian Mood agenda and is only 1cm shorter on both sides but has a vertical vs. horizontal orientation and is much simpler with the same kind of rings.

    Let me know what you all think and if there's a better option or which of these would be best.... Also Hermes has more colour options, which could be good but makes it even harder to choose! :smile:
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    Welcome to the forum! There are many guys on here with enviable collections, so there are alot of inspirational threads for everyone!

    IMHO Hermès craftsmanship, as I know it in its bags and other SLGS, doesn't translate to it's agendas in the same way. My daily bag is an H, so I appreciate what they're capable of, and their agendas fall far short of my expectations of what an agenda should be. I am an agenda fiend and have found that LV agendas with the internal ring binder function in a different league to H agendas. Head and shoulders above Hermès.

    The leather used for H agendas are usually not the "best" they have, for the daily abuse they should endure, nor is there a sufficient binding system compared to the LV.

    I've used the Epi 6 key keying for two years, and whilst it's a bit "plasticky", it wears like iron. My agenda is the (small?) Suhali, have used it for 7 years and wouldn't trade it for anything. I rue the day I'll have to replace it, but it's holding up beautifully.

    Buy something else H by all means, but the LVs as so much sturdier and useful with the inside pockets and card holders. There has been other threads that compare both (maybe from years back in the H forum) and a surprising number of people who use H bags daily, use and prefer LV agendas because of functionality.

    Also, I need a proper closure to the agenda. The pen closure would annoy me and restricts what you can stuff in there. I've seen photos in the H reference thread for SLGS where they've had to attach another ring to the H agenda to extend the closure so it could be closed. I'll try find the picture but if I have to make that kind of adjustment, it's not doing its job.

    The Taiga looks to be my pick, but does the pocket version have the 6 ring binder? If so I wouldn't hesitate. The agenda I had before was a Mont Blanc, which only lasted me like 4-5 years but enough to get me through uni before the leather split at the closure (closure was similar to a Bearn, but with a leather loop instead of the H hardware). Eww.

    Anyway, hope this rather forceful essay has been of assistance and you post up what you end up getting!

    ETA: um, just checked both and the pocket version doesn't have the press stud closure or ring binder. Both of these were minimum requirements for me so I think I wrote all of the above for nothing! Oops. I'll leave it in case it throws a spanner in the works for what you're considering though!

    BUT I'd still go with LV. Much sturdier. If you're still inclined to go with Hermès, then be very picky about the type of leather. I'd avoid Swift (currently on the site in my country; it's prone to scratching and too soft for agendas), Epsom (may bend at the corners), and only stick with Chèvre in any incarnation (my Suhali is in chèvre). I'm not sure what the cuts in the leather on the inside covers are for (since I've never needed to ask), but those would probably bug me as its slightly 'unfinished' to me. HTH!
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    Thank you for this useful information. It definately helps me more with my decision. The card holders are "Useful" but since I already have a Taiga bifold cardholder in brown, I don't think I want to seperate my cards in that manner. I feel the ringbinder would annoy me as I want to put my hand flat in the middle of the page when writing, and the rings would be in the way. Also it looks more feminine. I don't see why I would need a closure for the binder? I prefer pocket agenda's since they are portable and all I wiill use it for is to make to do lists, put calender information in of where to be at what time, etc...

    As far as the Hermes. I just looked at the different leathers and the Chevre isn't that appealing to me... The Swift looks more like the kind of leather I use for bookbinding, not for bags and agenda's, but the Epsom/Courchevel and Clemence leathers are more to my taste$_3.JPG Not sure about the colour but it looks very rich. I really like this grained texture which is why I like the Taiga but I can see how the pen closure would annoy me too...
  4. I think you may be leaning towards the H? From the feedback I've seen and IMHO, from a multifunction perspective the LV wins hands down. If you're primary objective is richness, delicacy, and grain of true leather, then I wouldnt look past Hermès. Epsom/courchevel are embossed leathers, so doesn't show the true leather texture, but is hard wearing if you look after it. I don't think I've ever seen an agenda, or any SLG for that matter, in Clemence. It's way too thick of a leather for a Vision, but there are occasional examples in Ulysse (the clubhouse doesn't refer to Clemence, only Togo which seems to be standard leather for the Ulysse and is the leather I have in the Ulysse):

    Best of luck
  5. Not an expert to give you advise on agenda. Perhaps you can get feedback on pro's/con's of the respective brands in the LV and Hermes forums. IMHO, LV Taiga looks more functional eventhough I'm a fan of H plus their refills will be cheaper. However if you're leaning towards H because of leather quality/variety of colors, I can certainly understand your dilemma.
  6. Thank you for your advice. Not anymore, thanks to your useful info! I'm leaning more for the LV now... Is the LV Taiga leather also embossed in the same way vs. grain of true leather?

    Yes I would go for the Taiga hands down, it's just that I've always wanted an Epi as it's unique and I like the manufacturing technique and I already have a taiga wallet. Also even though the Epi looks a lot cheaper/more plasticky, I kind of like the feel/uniquness.

    However, the Taiga is a lot more chic, masculine, etc... and would compliment my wallet so much better...
  7. I've never seen or felt the Taiga in person, but if you already have a taiga wallet you'd be familiar with the grain? From pictures I've seen, the leather looks embossed similar to the effect that Hermès Epsom has. Suhali is the only one I've seen where the true leather grain shows, even the Nomade is very smooth:
    I adore the collection of Elliespurse in this thread.

    I've never gone wrong with opting for the more classic, understated option (in this case Taiga), but if you like variety then go with Epi. Personally I think the Taiga is much more masculine as well, but the Epi like I said is super hardy and lends itself to the use an agenda endures. So it's just a matter of what leather embossing you'd prefer now? Most people don't pay any attention to the minutae of a black leather v black leather agenda like we do, so it's really what you would love to use because either would compliment your wallet.

    If you're partial to the Epi, then go with that because you'll probably end up wanting something in it anyway, and an agenda is a good as anything.
  8. I decided on both the Taiga and Epi used in excellent condition for the price of one new one. I think I will use both and decide which I like best. Thanks for your advice.

    However, I really don't want to pay $63 for a stack of papers I will throw away next year (especially considering how small the pocket agenda is). I can justify paying $300 for a wallet that will last me over a decade, or even a $1000 bag that willl last my whole life, but I can't pay that much for papers that will be tossed next year for new ones. Are there any suitable refills that might fit the pocket agenda? I know there's a lot out there for the ringbound ones. I don't want Filofax refills as they are made in China and are quite crap paper, but there are lots of Japanese and Italian refills out there that are high quality and in the $20 range... Just wondering if anyone has used any they can suggest will fit well?
  9. I've received both, really tough decision on which to use and which to sell :smile: What do you think? I like the colour and feel of the Epi more but the taiga looks chicer and more masculine, I almost wish they made the Taiga in black instead of Ardoise... It looks kinda like the colour faded over time...

    BTW, I found these refills that SHOULD fit as they are the same exact size as the LV ones for the pocket diary. It looks nice, is printed in Italy and is only 6 GBP (about 10 USD). only wish it was unlined.

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  10. id say go for epi - had one of my epi wallets for going on like 15/20 years!!
  11. love the epi!