LV Epi Vivienne or Speedy?


Dec 21, 2005
Does anyone have the epi Vivienne? Is it a good work bag? I have the epi Alma, but it's hard for me to put a lot of files in there and close the zipper. It's my bday next month and the bf is contemplating getting me a bag as my gift! :love: I figure I should be practical and get a new work bag (although I won't start work until the fall!)... or should I not be practical and get the epi Speedy? I would get both bags in the epi Red. Thanks for your help!


Epi Vivienne from eLuxury


Epi Speedy from eLuxury (I would get it in the red color)
Love the Viviene. With that bag on your arm, and some stilletoes on your feet, you'll be ready to conquer the corporate world !
I have a red epi Speedy and I LOVE it! I say to heck with practicality and get the Speedy. Well, come to think of it, the Speedy too is very practical.