LV Epi St. Jacques bag: how many sizes did it come in? thx

  1. i heard there were several sizes...anyone have it? if you do please provide a pix..i thought there was only 1 size..thanks :smile:
  2. They came in two sizes - short straps and long.

    I can't find a pic of the short strap but here is the long strap St. Jacques.
  3. Ok, found the short too.
  4. Short strap version had a PM and MM size.
  5. ^
    long strap also has in 2 size PM & GM.

    So, it's like 2 sizes (PM & GM) and also 2 strap sizes (short & long).
  6. How wierd... I saw someone carrying one today (among the gajillion LV carriers I spotted) and I thought it looked kinda small. Well now I know!
  7. Funny, I always thought the long straps were obvios fakes. Learn something new every day.