LV Epi Speedy/LV Mini Lin Speedy/ Chanel Petite Shopping Tote?

  1. I'm thinking to buy a new purse..and i have 3 choices in mind. Could u ladies help me to decide which one is better?
    Actually I fall in love with the LV Epi speedy 25 in Mandarin(the orange one) but I don't see that it still in the eluxury:Push:
    and then i found out that LV have new monogram, which is this cute Mini Lin..!! but they are canvas:sad: but I do love the Mini monogram...:love:
    Then I also love the Chanel Petite Shopper....

    so i'm confused which one I should buy, and i have limited budget...
    waiting for your suggestions:smile:
  2. chanel petit shopper :love:
  3. That's a very hard decision and it's decision you have to make yourself. We can all offer suggestions but, only you know yourself better than anybody here. I strongly suggest you try out each handbag inperson, take your time with each one, then you'll know for sure which one suits you and your lifestyle the best. Sometimes, you even end up with a bag that's not even in your choices! For me, it's 50/50 between the Epi and the Chanel.
  4. hmmmm i vote for chanel
  5. thx pursemama for your advise:smile:
    seems like the other 2 like chanel more.hehe...
    I still have 2 weeks to think about it>.<
  6. chanel!
  7. Chanel
  8. but i dunno how big is the petite shopper?anyone know the detail about it?hehe...I'll be glad to know:smile: