LV epi speedy experts, come over here!

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  1. Hey guys!

    Today I went to the LV store in Amsterdam.
    I wanted to explore which LV epi speedy I wanted.
    I saw the black epi speedy 30, but I especially wanted to look for the 25.
    This guy told me that the epi NEVER existed with golden hardware (zipper etc).
    Is that true? I'm kinda frustrated because I see a lot of epi speedy's on eBay with golden hardware.
    Right now I'm watching this epi speedy from '93, which has golden hardware.
    The seller is a recommended seller by My Poupette and she has a 100% positive feedback. She's a 'powerseller' and she sells a lot of vuitton stuff.
    I also let this LV authenticate on this forum and they told me it looked good.
    But the guy in the store told me, very convinced, that it just never existed with golden hardware.
    Also something I'd like to notice is the following:
    on the vintage LV there are 5 stitches on the 'patch' of the handle. The epi speedy in the store had 6 stitches (do you know what I mean?).
    Is it because it's a vintage bag, or is it a fake one?
    Help me!:confused1:
  2. He's an idiot! They only switched to the silver-colored hardware in the last few years! ALL epi speedies, in every color, were gold colored hardware before that.

    What a complete dufus!
  3. Haha yeah that's what I tought!
    I also emphasised the fact that it was a vintage bag from 1993!
    But he just persisted, so it kept me thinking.
    And the stitches, that has changed too?
    Because the old one counts 5 stitches, while the new bags have got 6.

    He sounded sooo convincing.
  4. :yes:
  5. People will tell you random bull if they don't know the facts, just to look convincing lol.
    I'm wondering though, they changed to silver allegedly because the gold color comes off. But what about Mono and Damier, so for those lines it doesn't matter that the quality of the hardware is bad?! lol
  6. I have an epi St. Cloud from 1998 with gold hardware (ok. It's not a speedy, but it's epi!) and the gold is still in perfect condition. The brass on my epi noe from 1995 isn't QUITE as good, but still good. They only went to silver in 2004- you can see golden hardware on any speedy made before then.

    Honestly, I've been to the Amsterdam shop a few times and have NEVER had a good experience there- I've actually chosen to wait until I'm in a different city instead...the customer service isn't great and some of the SAs really don't seem informed of anything from before they started working there. It's sad, because it's only an hour away and is a lovely shop. And they're very helpful on the phone!
  7. Wow... I'm still flabbergasted hahaha.
    I really laughed my ass off when I read it here.

    That's a very good question. Maybe they think the silver hardware looks better with the colours of the epi collection?
    Personally I think gold looks great on the Damier Ebene.
  8. Hey, you're dutch!
    Haha, great. I'm still talking english, because otherwise I feel so rude.
    Where are you from?

    I'm from tilburg, so I had quite a 'journey' (since I also had to make a stop in Almere).
    I'm 18 years old, and I was with my BF. I felt so young and unexperienced at that store haha.
    So I didn't feel very comfortable, but that guy was actually kinda polite and he at least tried to be informative haha.:P
  9. I'm actually American, married to a Dutch guy and living in Eindhoven. So it's almost the same journey to get there :smile:

    We have to speak English here- it's in the rules. It helps me hide my awful writing in Dutch- I can speak fairly well, but as soon as I try to type I start confusing things.

    There's an LV in Dusseldorf, which (except for the trains) is almost the same distance. I've thought of checking it out one of these days and seeing how their service is. Or I may have to just wait until my next vacation somewhere with an LV...

    Good luck with the Speedy! If you double-check in the "Authenticate This" threads, ebay or the like are great places. And since you want epi, you can also find some really, really great colors out there.
  10. I have a fawn epi speedy and it has gold hardware. Mine also has 5 stitches and it's dated in the late 90's.
  11. Aw, that sounds like a beautiful story; your marriage.
    At least romantic! :smile:

    Thanks! I'm pretty sure I will buy the speedy on eBay.
    I already informed in the "Authenticate This" topic whether it's real or not, and the expert(s) said it looked good.
    So now I feel quite confident, especially now you told me that the golden hardware DID exist.
  12. Aw, I also like your story :love:

    I hope you'll have fun in my hometown :yes: but they are renovating at the moment to expand the store :biggrin: you can still visit the store, but the entrance is moved to the back currently :smile: Hopefully they are done soon, and again enjoy your trip :yahoo:
  13. :yes::lol:
  14. I hate when the SAs try to convince you of something that you KNOW is incorrect. Like this one SA at the Palo Alto, CA store tried to tell me that the Mila Pochette doesn't come in multicolor!
  15. I got a black Epi Speedy 30 from LV in 2008. One LV store had Epi Speedy with gold hardware and one with silver hardware :smile: