LV Epi speedy 25 vs. monogram speedy 25

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  1. hello,
    i was wondering what is the dimensions of these two bags? i know epi is a bit bigger than monogram but how come when i check for measurements, both are the same...could someone clarify it for me IRL???? thanks :smile:
  2. regular speedy 25 is 25 cm
    the epi is about 29cm
  3. really? oh great..thank you very much for your reply...
  4. oh whoa.
    i was just going to say that i knew it was a little bit bigger, but didn't know how to measure it!

    thx bag fetish for clearing that up!
  5. I didn't know this, thanks for the info!
  6. I had a black epi speedy 25 and because it was stiffer I felt it wasn't as spacious as my regular 25. Maybe it's just me. After trying both, I liked mono better. But I like a saggy speedy! lol
  7. ^^^lol, I like epi better, for exact opposite reason.

  8. Thanks! I didn't know there was a size difference