LV epi speedy 25 or Phili Stein watch???

  1. please help me decide... LV epi speedy 25 or Philip Stein watch color white? pls tell me the reasons why.. hehehe! i need your opinion. thanks!!:smile:
    philip stein white.jpg
  2. I vote LV! In my book, LV trumps everything else!! Well....except for maybe Hermes.
  3. I agree with traci, then again I never wear a watch
  4. I Love The Epi Speedy......But, This Philip Stein Is A Stunner. I Hate To Ask: Do You "need" One More Than Another? Just Thought I'd Ask.

    Truefully If I Was In Love With A Watch (I Have Quite A Few Watches, But This Means I Need It!!!).......Than Forget The Speedy It Will Always Come Around.

    Now, If It's Just Another Watch.....Get The Speedy!!!!!
  5. LV! just because i'm more into handbags than watches. :P
  6. LV, not just a fad.
    Isn't Stein that watch with the chip that is supposed to disperse electronic waves??
    I heard it is useless in reality & kind of a fraud. Sorry,I think it's a passing fancy.
  7. I love a nice watch but i say get the bag unless you really need a watch
  8. Lv..
  9. a watch.
  10. Right now, watch! :P
  11. thanks everyone for your opinion but i bought the LV epi speedy 25 last month July. hahaha!:nuts: here's the picture of the epi mandarin speedy 25 i bought.

    IMG_5171.jpg IMG_5172.jpg IMG_5173.jpg IMG_5174.jpg IMG_5175.jpg
  12. :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: Congrats!!! The color is simply stunning!:tender: Maybe watch next time:graucho: LOL ! Thanks for sharing:flowers:
  13. Ooooh! Congrats! Your Speedy is gorgeous!!!!:yahoo: Great choice!:yes:
  14. Gorgeous bag. Congrats! Thanx for sharing!
  15. Congrats, shes beautiful:smile: