LV Epi - Pink?

  1. I know LV did a baby and bright pink for the vernis collection, but has LV ever done a pink for the epi collection? if not, i think they should!
  2. They have a few Epi pieces in a new colour called Grenade which is a hot pink colour.
  3. you're right, i just looked on the website and only the pochette comes in the hot pink color right now. great color, i had no idea. i was thinking all weekend of the epi colors i'm lacking that i want and pink was the only color i had no idea if they had ever made.
  4. They're just brand new out this month. There's a few things in the pink colour - check out this club thread for photos of pinks and purples!
  5. You mean baby pink or fuschia?

    Actually I missed Vanilla epi- it is one of the best colours- I got compliments for my vanilla speedy everywhere I go, including non-LV people and men, which is very rare.
  6. I would love a pink iPhone epi case! I hope they make them soon!
  7. I saw it last night and inmdiatly felt in love with it, I can't get a 700 dlls wallet tho. :sad:

  8. i feel the same..i want the grenade zippy so bad but cannot spend 700 on a wallet right now.. =[
  9. the Epi in Grenade is soo pretty!!!! do you think they will have a small agenda soon in that color?
  10. A search on grenade at didn't come up with an agenda but a pocket organizer was listed. I like the looks of the zippy coin purse.
  11. I love the PINK EPI!!
  12. My SA told me (and someones SA on tPF did too, forgot who) that they will probably be launching bags in the Grenade color too. The only ''bag'' right now is the pochette, which is small, the rest are accessories
  13. I am not sure but the grenade alma is going to join the epi line soon.:smile:
  14. ^^^ wow, really? I thought it was only coming out in the Cassis color ...
  15. I think they come out in June?