Lv Epi Passy/Alma vs Ferragamo's Marisa Satchel

  1. Hi.

    This is my first post so I hope I'm doing this right =)

    Under the pretext of getting me a pre-Valentine's day present, but I know he feels that I need a better bag to carry to work, my boyfriend's decided to get me a nice "work" bag and he's rather fixated on the Salvatore Ferragamo's Marisa Satchel (Marisa Satchel, Large*-* Ferragamo)

    and I was hoping to get some feedback from you guys (the pros!) because quite honestly, I wasn't too crazy about it. Instead, I'm considering the LV Epi Passy or Alma. Any thoughts/suggestions/feedback? Also, this being a bag to carry for work, black is probably the choice color since I'm often in suits? However, LV's Cannelle color option is gorgeous too. I'm torn! This is my first designer bag purchase so I really wanna make the right choice =) Thanks!
  2. That's a nice bag. Would your bf be offended if you wanted to exchange it for a Passy? Cannelle would be a nice color for work or anything in between. Black is the all around favorite for business and evenings out. The Alma is gorgeous, but very structure and is only hand held. You have to choose something that makes your heart skip a beat. And it must be love at first sight. Good luck!
  3. That ferragamo is stunning. since this is the lv board most people will tell you to buy an LV though. lol. i love the passy. it's not that common, epi lasts forever and it's a very versatile bag! i tell everyone to get a passy!
  4. i love the epi passy pm! i got one for my mom as a christmas gift. she carries it to work almost every day.
  5. I'd prefer the Ferragamo (and would've gotten it if it was not so large) but if you're not crazy about it then I'd say get the Epi passy. I find the Alma stylish but not-so practical. Btw, does anyone happen to know if the Marisa bag comes in a medium size? Even the Marisa shoulder bag is large! =(
  6. The Epi Passy has my vote..
  7. Yes, the Marisa bag comes in a medium size :yes: Thanks for all your replies!!!
  8. I really like the Passy. I think it would be a very durable, classy bag for work. I'd like to have one in black.
  9. I vote for the Passy, too....although you're probably going to get a pretty slanted vote here ;)