LV EPI Lussac or GUCCI large horsebit hobo?

  1. Which one you think is a long term keeper? LV EPI Lussac in black or GUCCI Large horsebit hobo?:hysteric:
  2. I think the lussac is more classic, and can be more formal and professional since it's shape is more structured. I really like the horsebit hobo though, it's so slouchy and perfect for going out.

    It depends on which occasions you'd probably be using it more for. Personally though, I'd get that Gucci so fast !!
  3. LOVE the Lussac! Definatley a classic
  4. i would go with the Gucci because it is an unusual design and it can go a long way. to me even thought the lussac is a classic design, it looks like a regular tote bag, that is my opinon!:smile:
  5. I'm biased here...I love LV more than Gucci. So, I'd say LV Lussac!
  6. I agree, it depends on the occasions your using it for. However, my vote would be for the Gucci. I'm being biased though because I have it and love it.
  7. is my standby work bag and always looks professional without being flashy. In a casual environment I might choose the Gucci however I find those large horsebit hobos a little uncomfortable on the shoulder.