LV Epi Lockits Owners

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  1. I am keen to own a lockit and thinking of a black epi lockit cos less maintenance, but do you think it will look too granny and does it blend well with casual outfit. Opinions please??? Any modelling pic will help too. thanks.
  2. Sorry almost forgotten, is the opening tighter than speedy epi 25. Tks.
  3. I have a black epi lockit, and I love mine. I can wear it both casually and when I'm wearing career attire.

    I won't disclose my age, but I will say that friends have described my style as sophisticated, elegant, and minimalist. I'm not frumpy or matronly, but I'm not trendy, either. I'm guessing you're asking whether it's "too mature" of a style for you? I think it depends on your personal style more than your age. And I think any style bag can just look "wrong" on a person, regardless of age. For me an Alma or Speedy makes me look frumpy, while on others these bags are very stylish!

    Bottom line: I think you should try it on for yourself, with an outfit that you'll wear with it.

    As for the opening, I don't have a Speedy, but I don't find the opening to be tight. It is not straight across like a Speedy. The opening is like a clamshell--a wide "mouth."

    Hope this helps.
  4. I love this bag! And am dying for one too! I think a black epi lockit would be beautiful and classic. I love the ivorie in the lockit the most, but I already have an ivorie alma. So, if going for lockit, it would be the black epi. Gorgeous!