LV epi leather Alma vs balanciaga city bag help!

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  1. Hi all!

    I need help! Should I buy the BAL city bag in nacre (white) for $1445 or the LV Alma white epi for $1310. Which one will hold value over time? Which one is a better investment? I don't know which one to buy!
  2. Hands down the ALMA!! Balenciaga's leather just doesn't age beautifully -- I think 10 years down the line the Alma would still look Pristine while the Bal would look awful...JMHO.
  3. Of course the Alma!!
    The Epi leather will hold up longer and better than Bal bags.
  4. ALMA!!!

    I totally agree with DisCo about the aging of Balenciaga's leather.
    Also with the idea with the Idea that the Alma will still look as good as new after ten years (:

    Epi leather lasts long too. My 14 years old Epi Noe still looked good as new when I sold her..

    ps. Epi Alma Ivoire is in my wishlist too :P
  5. I like both but i'm going to vote for the Alma on this one. If you specifically want a white bag I think the Ivory Epi is one of the prettiest white bag lines out there.
  6. Yes I do want a white bag :smile: what about investment value. Do you guys think that the price of the Alma epi will increase more in value over time then the BAL city? I know LV has price increases every year or so but I'm not sure if BAL does. Are the designers comparable or is LV a better overall brand?
  7. Of course the Alma!! I heard Bal bags leather does not wear off as beautifully as the years goes by. I rather spend $$ on bags that r durable and can still look good as like the 1st time i buy it. ;)
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    Alma & Bal City are two very different styles.

    EPI Alma is classy and structure.
    Bal City is fun, young…a little edgy and soft.

    EPI is hard and durable.
    Bal City lambskin is distress and once broke-in, leather is soft and aged beautifully. Bal bag with giant hardware lambskin is thicker than the regular hardware lambskin.

    IMO… white does not hold up values as much as other colors only b/c it is a little difficult to keep it clean. Balenciaga has increased price in the past but not as often as Louis Vuitton and Bal motor bag only has approx 10 years of history. Some rare discontinued colors of Bal Bags have better re-sell value than the other colors. However I do believe over all Louis Vuitton bags hold up better re-sell value.

    Best to pick a handbag that truly match with your personality and current lifestyle.
  9. I vote for Alma by instinct, for I don't own one. ;)
  10. Go the Epi Alma! I've just bought a 16 yo Speedy and it looks like new. With the Alma being such a classic bag I'm sure it will hold value over time.
  11. Alma!
  12. Alma all the way!!
  13. Alma. In ivory the Alma is stunning
  14. Alma. Epi lasts forever and the ivory is surprisingly easy to keep clean. I have an ivory Passy PM that I've used constantly for the past 2 summers and it still looks brand new.
  15. I'd get the Alma OR a Balenciaga in a different color. I LOVE the city style and think it's definitely worth it ;)