LV Epi Jasmin versus LV Epi Alma. Hate decisions...

  1. Hey ladies,

    I normally post in the Chanel thread but today I was blown away with LV. Right now I am torn between the epi line of alma and jasmin.

    I have always been fond of big bags. I currently carry the Chanel Astrakan Bowler. So being that the bag is spacious I can dump more stuff into it.

    The Epi Jasmin seems very danty and the Alma seems to hold more stuff. If I want an everyday going to work bag, which one would you ladies recommend? In the long run I don't want to break my arm over it.

    I recently bought the Houstan Vernis in Amarante. So that serves its purpose well but now I am onto the Epi Collection.

    Any suggestions and thoughts? Share them with me please. I have till tomorrow to think about afternoon before the item is off the hold.
  2. if u want to carry the bag to work, alma wld be better choice. For me, i'll take the Epi passy :biggrin:
  3. I would pick Alma, because it can hold more. Have you also considered the epi lockit? It's new.
  4. It's definitely the Alma!
  5. I love the Epi Jasmin. I recently debated over the Epi Jasmin and the Epi Speedy 25 (both in black). I really like the Epi Jasmin, but opted for the Speedy 25 as it can carry more, can be casual or dressy, and has a timeless look.
  6. My favorite is the Jasmin, but if you need it for a work bag, go for the Alma.
  7. Alma for sure!:tup:
  8. Definately the Alma~!
  9. The Alma gets my vote!
  10. I think they are both great bags, about the same size too... I vote Jasmin bc it is not a bag you see very often!
  11. I'm a bigger fan of the Alma... can't go wrong with a classic!
  12. Absolutely the ALMA!
  13. Thank you ladies for helping me out. I bought the Epi Jasmin yesterday based on impulse shopping and came home to think about it.

    Cesa_a: My mind was initally set on the Epi White speedy but after seeing it IRL, I didn't think it was practical for everyday use (especially in the color). So I brought home the Epi Jasmin in Red and paraded around the house and tried to put my wallet, keys, makeup in it but seemed rather unreasonable each time I wanted to get something from the bag. Because it's so boxy and small, it didn't quite cut out for a daily work bag.

    So I went back today and looked at the Epi Alma in red and I love the SIZE of it. The look, not so, but it definitely holds more things and on top of it all the zipper which goes all the way around definitely enables easier access.

    iWish: I did consider the LV Passy but because there wasn't a zipper all away around, I didn't want my items to fall out. Knowing I am a clumsy humpty dumpty. BUT THAT was something I actually looked at whilst I was in the store too!!! Great suggestion!!

    I cannot thank you ladies enough for the input. Immediately after I read this thread, I marched straight to LV and exchanged it for the ALMA. :smile:

    Lvbabydoll: My fellow Chanel Chica, Thanks for your input. I agree that Jasmin is cute but not on my arm. haha. The ALMA was a better fit for my fat figure. The jasmin made me look like a giant carrying a small bag. :smile:
  14. I am not a fan of either.
  15. Alma for sure!!