LV Epi Cannes~Quick (Kinda Silly) Question

  1. Hi Ladies,

    quick question. The more pics I see of this bag the more I want one. The colors are so :love:.

    The question is do you carry this bag like any other or is it a toiletry case? I've never seen anyone carrying one so I'm curious.

    Also are these still being made or have they been discontinued?

  2. I believe they have been discontinued. I'm not exactly sure how to carry it. I suppose however you want. It is an interesting bag.
  3. I can't picture the bag you are talking about? Is it a round kind of bag with the handle on top and zipper that goes all around?
  4. I have a red Cannes, and occasionally carry it as a purse. I personally wouldn't use it for toiletries, as it's lined in alcantara. They're discontinued, but you can find them pretty readily on ebay. What color do you want?

  5. Yes, it is pretty much shaped like a can.
  6. HTH

  7. wow you ladies are quick and :rochard:

    I want either the blue or the yellow but still tryna figure out if it's practical:shame:
  8. Oh!!! It's GORGEOUS!!! I LOVE it!!! I don't know if I would use it as a bag though. I would prob. store some accessories in it.:idea:
  9. let-trade does have everything.. hehe
  10. I agree! Seems really hard to pull off as a bag...not a shoulder bag, kinda uncomfy in the crook of yer arm, but perhaps a handheld??!!?:hrmm:
  11. It is very nice.
  12. i think somebody in tPF has a few of those in different colors. Intriguing design, wonder why discontinued ?
  13. I have two of the Epi Cannes, one in Blue (rarest) and the other is Red. I love them! I have heard people have used them as handbags, but I use mine to keep my LV what-nots in. (such as receipts, tags, ribbons, etc). I use them as mini boites.
  14. Yes, she has all four (I got to "fondle" them all in person!)