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  1. Hi everyone! I’m a newbie and I wanna get my very first luxury item. I decided to get a SLG first but now I get confused of choosing LV ENVELOPPE CARTE DE VISITE or HERMES BASTIA. I really want to hear you guy advices for me, Thank you so much
  2. To be honest you can’t go wrong with either, I love my LV SLGs and how they feel, same for Hermes, although I find Hermes’ options are a double-edged sword.

    if you’re going for Bastia make sure to research what exact color you’re getting, what options are available etc, I find Hermes’ feeling and look in different leathers/colors is very noticeable. On the upside, some colors are to DIE for and I feel like if you’re going to go colorful/interesting, SLGs are the safest place and time for it!
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  3. Those are very different products. If you choose the LV Enveloppe Cartes de Visite in monogram canvas, it will last you years and years. If you go for the Hermès Bastia, you have to pick the leather type that best suits your needs (Chèvre would be more delicate, Epson would be sturdy but less luxurious IMO, Evercolor is prone to scratches but takes color beautifully, etc.). Good luck choosing!
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  4. Hermes Bastia is nice, but if you can find it in their luxurious leather lines. I would go for it. If it only coming in epson, skip out on it.
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  5. I am biased and recommend LV. I would also recommend you look into something with a button closure if you will use as a everyday wallet, e.g., LV Rosalie, etc.
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  6. I love my rosalie!!
  7. tks i already decided to purchase on a LV
  8. me too :smile:
  9. yass tks u too much, i choose LV for now and then it will be Bastia in noir
  10. tks and can u explain more for me why I should skip out on Epsom leather ?