LV Empreinte Ring in White Gold

I adore it. But this ring has its drama. I will tell u guys in the future, some of the members have heard it before.

All I can say is beware when you buy jewelries from LV. Make sure it fits as they don't exchange or refund if worn (even if you just tried it on).

Hehe, ok ok, where to start.

Ok this is a copy from my other EZboard thread about the drama, BEWARE, lots of reading, enjoy.

As you all know that I just purchased my ring last Saturday in Vegas. I only wore that ring on that day and on the day when I took pictures for only 15 mins. Yesterday, I put it on again, noticed that my finger shrunk! I thought it might be because of the dryness in Vegas and Humidity in Houston. So I've decided to bring it to LV Boutique to see if they have a size smaller and switch them (Europe size for ring is 1/4 size in US ring size).

Anyway, I went to the Boutique here in Houston and thinking while I am there, I want to buy a nice Christmas present as well. So, I got off work early and went home to pickup my ring head to the boutique and had it on my finger. Got there, a SA greeted me and asked me for assistance needed. All I told her was my finger shrunk due the climate difference and would like to switch for other size if possible, since according to the receipt, it said I can exchanged or store credit within 14 days in resaleable condition. Without hesitation, she stood there and said "Oh no, you've worn on you, it's not resaleable and we can't do anything for you. Also, all jewelry sales are FINAL". She turned her face away and walked away. She didn't even give me a chance to tell her how long I've only have that ring on my finger and when I bought it. I had my receipt with me at that time. Giveme a break, even at Tiffany, you can returned any ring/jewelry within 30 days! All the customers were starring at me and I felt so humiliated and embarassed at the spot. To deem my dignity, I went ahead and bought my $4K watch after being deserted there alone until my watch SA asked if I needed any other assistance.

I have to return to the Boutique later today to pick up the watch since I custom-made my strap of it. I came back home and sorta analysed what happened to me early at the store, all I can think of was Humiliation, Embarassment and DUMB ass me. Why the heck would I just bought a watch after all that crap. So, I thought maybe I should call 866 Vuitton and see if this is accepted (mind u, Partner and I are almost LV VIP). So I spoke to this lady, Cynthia. And simply stated my situation and see if possible to do the switch. She said, " of course, it's VERY possible since you just bought that ring 4 days ago. You have 14 days to do so anyway". Then, as furious as I was, I told her what happened. She said, " On no, you shouldn't be treated like that. We should file a formal complaint and tomorrow when you pickup the watch, bring your ring and see the manager! If nothing happened, call her back (she gave me her direct line), she will see what she can do for me". She also said, " That SA should have find someone who has better authority and examine the ring first before rejecting the exchange". Cynthia also aporlogised on behalf of her.

I hang up with her then called my local boutique to see what time the manager will be there later today so that I can see him in person. Well, I didn't know that after I pressed "3 for Customer Service at Store", it went directly back to Cynthia (866 Vuitton CS). She said on yes, she just spoke the store in Houston. She indeed verified that situation arised and started doing formal complaint on my behalf. She forgotten to get my name and etc. Good thing I spoke to her again about that. Duh!

The next day:

Ok, I am backed! Where should I start this. I walked in to the store and asked to see Rene (one of the managers). And I told her about me calling in regarding the issue. What a b*tch. She said yes, that other lady (Eva- the one I spoke to in person that turned her head away) appeared to be another manager. So I said, fine, at least let me clarify what happened. She said the same thing. Once worn, you can't replace it since it's not in saleable condition. I tried to calm down, but I can't no more. I said "BS, your receipt stated clearly and I even called the 800 #, they said you can exchanged it within14 days. How would you not wear to know if it fits??". She insisted that it's not replaceable. I said at least let someone who knows what you are talking about to examine it. I only had it on for less than 2 hours!! She then left and came out with the jewelry manager with my watcher too.

Clint, the jewelry/watch manager came out and said there are some scratches on the ring, I can't exchanged it. However, he was VERY professional and polite about it and said let 's see what is your finger size. So he went and brought over the ring size measurement instruments. And Rene was standing beside me kept b*tching and on and on. She even said why don't wear it in other finger! I stopped her, "Listen, before you proceed, that was a stupid comment. If I was going to wear it on other finger, I would have get it the right size for it. This ain't $200/$20 ring that you can do anything you with it. And I am dealing with this gentlemen and it seems like you are not very helpful to me at all!" She was so pissed off and said, "Fine!" She dropped my bag and left! What a b*tch!!!! She got me going, the customers at the whole store was looking at me. I knew that if I would have stopped and left unhappy again, it's not me!

Then, Clint took the ring and measurement, he said the ring is US size 7.75. I said, "Hold on, what? 7.75? I thought it was 7.25?? That's what the SA in Vegas told me and I saw it from her catalogue with the conversion as well. How could LV messed up the size. I mean that's not right". Now I remember when we were in Vegas, we went to the LV boutique before and after a how at Wynn. Before I went, they didn't have my size so they went and got it somewhere to pickup after show.

So, to cover his *ss, he took out 2 other ring and let me tried them on. One was 7.25 - which was what I wanted to begin with. And he said, "Since you are a loyal customer, I want you to be satisfy and I know how jewelry purchase can be at times. I have the same problem too". He aporlogised and so as my SA (Lana), they both aporlogised as well. Of course, I spent like at least another 30 -45 mins for him to resize the watch for me. And my SA kept coming out with fresh mineral water with fine glass.

Oh yes it is, but for the hassle and inconvenience, I don't think I am up for another jewelry purchase from LV again. I am switching to Bvlgari for jewelries. At least they are much more jeweler established.

Oh man, that sounds like quite the struggle. That's pretty ridiculous, especially since it wasn't just refusal so much as embarassment !!