LV Empreinte Montaigne MM or GM

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  1. I need serious help deciding between the two! Tell me why you love the size you have. TIA!
  2. I have the GM and love the size. I do tend to carry a lot with me and everything fits perfectly...I would rather go too big with room to spare than too small and stuffing it
  3. I also have and love the GM. It's probably more space than I need, but I'd rather have more than enough space than not enough. Plus, I'm on the taller side so feel it suits me better.
  4. i have two and they are both the MM size. i feel that the GM is just too big, it's more like a work bag or work tote while the MM is still a purse. the best way that i have found to decide size if you can't get to a store is to make one out of construction paper using the dimensions from the LV website. then stand in front of the mirror and see what you think. it sounds dorky but it works.
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  5. I think it depends on how tall you are. I have the mm (and bb) and I am 5'4-1/2", the GM looks too big on me.
  6. I own an MM in the canvas and being that the empreinte version has the zippers that go down the side, I think that size is just right. The GM was just too big for me...I'm only 5'3 though...HTH
  7. i'm 5'7 and a size 10, so i'm not what you'd call a small girl and the GM was too big for me. but i've seen tiny women rock big bags so i think it's more what you're comfortable with and feel confident carrying.

    *go back through the Montaigne clubhouse, i think it's in that thread: i was asking the same question about the size difference before i got my Cherry MM. i can't remember who it was and it was sometime in the fall of this past year that posted pics of the MM and GM side by side. it helped a lot to see the difference, it's actually quite a bit.
  8. I had both and loved both. The only reason I sold the GM was I don't carry as much anymore and it was just too big as an everyday purse for me. I like a tote as a bigger bag and my purses more medium to smaller in size. I did a comparison video hope it is helpful to you on your decision.
  9. @panders77 great video. I looooove that Taupe color. It's gorgeous! That color is sold out for good! No SA can locate one for me. If I found a Taupe, I would be getting a MM!! Thanks.
  10. I love the GM size. I got it for work though, so I fit absolutely everything in. I'm considering purchasing the adjustable strap so I can wear it cross body for a more relaxing look.
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  11. What are the colors that the Empreinte Montaigne GM came out with? I only see the noir and the blue with red combo. When I checked fashionphile, I saw a Terre. I am seriously considering this but I don't want to get another black bag. I already have an Empreinte Artsy in Terre. Help.
  12. So you already have something in noir and terre? Why not get the marine rouge? It came in iris, but was limited. It might have come in dunr, too, but I'm not positive.
  13. What else is in your bag collection? Do you need a large bag (IOW, are most of your bags smaller) or would a medium size be a better fit for your collection. I prefer the medium, I have a few go-to large bags already. By the way, have you seen the new Vosges? It's similar to the Montaigne MM (also in Empreinte) but has a single top zipper

    Although I like the Montaigne a lot, one thing I do really like better about the Vosges is that the top handles can fold flat against the outside of the bag when you're carrying it by the shoulder strap. I never did like the way the Montaigne top handles stick straight up. They can be folded down, but not as easily.
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  14. I have the MM and I love it since it fits all I need with room to spare and it can easily be taken out to dinner, etc. The GM is more of an office bag.
  15. Thanks for the suggestions.