LV Empreinte Bagatelle or Artsy

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  1. I can't decide between the empreinte noir artsy or bagatelle ? Any helpful insight is much appreciated.
  2. I vote Bagatelle. Artsy is gorgeous, but many have said the empriente Artsy gets really heavy. Plus, the Bagatelle is more conformed against the body and edges don't jut out like the Artsy. And LOVE the outside pockets of the Bagatelle. May not hold as much, but seems more versatile over all. I think they're discontinuing both of these. Get one while you can.
  3. +1
  4. Definitely Bagatelle. My BFF has one and it lays so nice and flat against the body. I had an Artsy and it's bulkier. It's also not as comfortable to carry and the bottom is really wide.
  5. Bagatelle looks chic!
  6. I have the bagatelle and its a great bag !! Very comfortable which was important to me ... The artsy is very pretty too but I found the handle to be very uncomfortable! Although the Bagatelles handles look like the artsy it's comfortable ;)
  7. Bagatelle for sure
  8. Either is great. But I would pick Bagatelle for it going to be discontinued.
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    Bagatelle to me is prettier ❤️
    Though artsy is beautiful it's not for everyone.
  10. Bagatelle, I have one in Noir and it's one of the most comfortable bag I've ever had. It's one of my favorite go to bag as well, Really love it! I tried the artsy before and the bag alone is too heavy already.
  11. Wow, thank you for passing on this info! I will be shopping at LV next week-end. I was planning to get the new Pont Neuf GM in noir empreinte (see photo) but that's a new model and I've always liked the Bagatelle empreinte in red. I might get that instead and pick up the Pont Neuf later. These are work bags.

    What do you think of the red (cerise) color? I love it with the black trim.

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  12. I'm pretty certain the Bagatelle has been discontinued, so if you can find one then jump on it! Love the Red.

    I have both the Bagatelle and the Artsy and as others have chimed in on, the Bagatelle is a much more comfortable and lighter bag. The Pont Neuf will be around at least for now, so you can always get it down the road.
  13. Love the bagatelle in cerise. Simply gorgeous!!!
  14. I'd go for the bagatelle. It's more unique, rare, and versatile, and very comfortable for longer wear periods...
  15. I LOVE the base color of the red and black handle contrast. Definitely hunt down the bag. :graucho:
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