LV employee purchase markings on the bag

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  1. Would anyone happen to know if there is a truth that Employee purchased LV bags have a mark or dot embossed on the leather interior of the bag? I found one that has a dot right next to "paris"
  2. Yes, it is true; usually in the form of an empty circle.
  3. yeah! thank you. I just bought a Louis Vuitton babylone. All the markings are correct except that dot! The only thing is the origin, the seller claims it was purchased on when LV ran the the site but it's an employee purchase. Thank you again!
  4. Maybe they worked for before it was closed down? :confused1: At least it's an authentic item...Congrats!
  5. Bumping this thread---
    Does anyone know what a stamped "V" marking on the interior Creed means? Is this also an employee purchase, or something else?
  6. ^ Yes I would like to know also.
  7. I don't think so. I knew someone who worked at lv for the past 5 years or so and she only mentioned the dot being used to mark things that end up at employee sale
  8. I asked my friends who work there now, or who have worked for them in the past, and yes, the "V" is an employee purchase mark.
  9. Hello! I just received a L V Trevi and it has a round stamp with a V in the center. Does anyone know if this is an employee Purchased bag? Also, the date code starts with TJ. Is this a genuine code for a bag made in France?
    Thanks you!!
  10. i have a V marked bag - employee purchased, obviously. how does LV handle the repairs for these types of items if you bring them in, does anyone know?
  11. LV have repaired several of my bags that have been purchased pre-loved and I've never had a problem with it. There is anecdotal evidence on the forum where a couple of people have been asked for receipts. All you can do is take it in and see what they say. You can just say it was a gift or an inheritance and don't mention the employee purchase mark.
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  12. thank you. yes, i have also taken in pre-loved stuff, but never something V-marked. they'd obviously know what that means... i just wondered if perhaps those items are not eligible for repair or if they are handled differently. also wonder how much discount they get, but that's a different thread:amuse:
  13. I never knew of these marks - learn something new every day on TPF! :smile:
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  14. all new items purchased by employees are stamped with a "V" with a circle around it. if you ever see it, it pretty much guarantees authenticity.
  15. Could there be an employee purchase marking on a brand new bad ordered from Louis