LV Employee Pricing Info (a bit long but very juicy)

  1. As i was paroosing the look book 2day I heard snippets of a convo btwn 2 SAs at the MNPLS LV boutique. 1 was helping the other decied on a bag 2 buy b4 they placed an "order." She was doing calcuations to see how much her bag would be and was murmuring #s like 200$ and 150$! And she was debating btwn bags like damier speedy, luco, and other bags in the 600-1500$ range. Holy:cursing: do they get a discount.

    Then she finally settled on the damier speedy b/c she said she "has all these wallet and acessories from the 85% off sale:wtf: :wtf: :wtf: and doesn't have a bag to use them with. OMG! I then asked if she was at liberty to elaborate on the employee discount at LV but she kindly said no.

    But she had made it QUITE OBVIOUS that it was a substantial discount.
  2. HOLY #hit!!!! Thats one hell of a discount!! I know there are some LV employees on here...I can not wait to hear their 2 cents!!
  3. Holy cow! Are you serious!??? That much of a discount!??? Please, other SA'd that work here, we want to know!
  4. Yeah i was shocked.:nuts: I could hardly contain myself.:graucho:
  5. Hi I'm new, but I have many friends that work for Louis. They get 30 percent of a bag with a limit of up to 2000 dollars. Then they get 75 percent off of "RTV" or Return to Vendor items but they have a limit of 3000 dollars and don't necessarily always get what they place on the sheet they would like. Then LVMH has sales twice a year where they can get shoes for 85 percent off in a pyramid form. First Executives are allowed to shop, then down the chain to the SA's. What they get also isn't a guarantee because a lot of the "good" stuff always is gone first. If you have any questions about different company's employee discounts, I have many friends and family who work for different ones.
  6. good to know!!!^^^
  7. I would never ask my SA what discount she gets but she did tell me that there was a limit on how many discounted bags they could buy
  8. ^^^ I can vouch for this too, I know the manager at my local boutique quite well and he once confirmed this discount with me and I also have a friend that works at the same boutique.
  9. Hmmm...I wonder if they will hire me next year when I'm in college! haha
  10. I never knew that, I though Louis Vuitton never had sales or discounts. But I guess it makes sense to get rid of the items. I'll have to talk to my sales girl in Minneapolis next time, maybe she snagged something good! :yahoo:
  11. hmmmmmm.....
  12. I am green with envy - Lucky SA's.:nuts:
  13. That's a great discount! If we were working there, oops there goes our entire salaries.
  14. thats a pretty good discount. I used to work at a COACH factory store (a couple yrs ago - got the job so I could afford to buy the gallery tote that I wanted) and our discount was pretty sweet. 65% off at the factory store, and 50% off at the full-price store. There was also a limit on how much we could buy each year, but during the holidays we received extra allotment to buy gifts for relatives and friends.
  15. good info1!! thanks!