LV Employee-30% off true?

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  1. #1 Aug 16, 2011
    Last edited: Aug 16, 2011
    Could an Assistant Manager at LV get 30% off true?
    A friend recently found out that an Assistant Manager at LV boutique could help us get purchases with 30% off.

    Is it true? Does employees get discounts?

    Anybody know of LV employees getting discounts?
  2. i heard from a friend, whose friend is working in LV melbourne.
    yes, the staff in LV does get 30% discount.
    however the discount is only applicable for one time purchase in a duration of a year.
  3. They cannot use their discounts for other people or they risk losing their jobs. I don't think it would be fair in this global economy to ask anyone to take that risk for a handbag, KWIM? Their managers expect to see them wearing whatever bag they buy. They are not even allowed to buy gifts for family or friends. It wouldn't be right to ask someone to take this kind of risk just to save a few hundred dollars.
  4. I know Prada/Miu Miu employees who get 30% off and they've bought stuff for the opposite sex as "gifts" (I'm not sure of their exact position)
  5. My sa hasn't come right out and told me, but he did say something once about how people incorrectly assume that employees get big discounts, and that his family would be very happy if that was true.
  6. Ahh, thanks for the details.
    Yep, we wouldn't want the Assistant Manager to get fired over this.
    If he does get discounts, then the limit of 1 over certain period (1year) sounds reasonable.
    Okay. We won't bother him then.

    You gals are a great resource. :smile:
  7. I have heard this too. There is a discount, but only one item per year. Wouldn't that be so frustrating!!! I guess it's like we normies who only get one bonus per year from our own employers.
  8. It used to be 3 items a year I've never heard one. And it's all LV employees not just managers.