LV eluxury purchase ~ how long in transit?

  1. Curious, once you order your LV from eLuxury ~ how long does it take before you receive your purse? I went with the standard $12.50 shipping....just curious, I just ordered today....thanks!
  2. since it's ground shipping, then it might be about a week from today
  3. You will probably get it in 2 days. They are seriously SUPER fast! I ordered yesterday and I get mine tomorrow!
  4. I have had delivery as fast as three days, however you may want to allow 4-5 days to be safe.. Im so excited for you...
  5. I hope it's sooner than later! I just realized I am suppose to go out of town next Thursday -which would suck, b/c I don't want my purse sitting outside for a whole LONG weekend!!!! THAT WOULD SUCK!!!
  6. Awe thanks!! I read your letter to the "P" and I obviously decided NOT to bid- thanks for the heads up!!! Also, sorry to hear about the "STINCH" with on of the purses you bought - yuck!!!
  7. I have always received my order in two days. :biggrin:
  8. I'm on the west coast (CA) and when I track my package via fed ex with the tracking number, it appears to be leaving from Missouri. It takes about 6 to 7 days for the package to reach me. That's counting weekends also.
  9. They won't leave the purse at your door. Anything over $500 requires a signature. I live in the Dallas area and my last e-luxury order got here in 2 days when I checked regular ground delivery. Congratulations on the new bag. Which bag did you get?
  10. i placed an order tuesday late night and it's scheduled to arrive next tuesday per fed ex tracking info.
  11. It depend on where you are...closer to wearhouse, less time...coatal people (either) longer time ;)
  12. You should get tracking info. They are so fast--no more than 2 days for me.
  13. Thanks everyone, yea -I will get the tracking info tonight, as I just placed my order earlier this morning - guess that's why it's fitting I call myself "crabby member"! HA! HA!
  14. Haha, me 2!! Delivery is set for tomorrow!!