LV Eliza in Black multi-all year bag?

  1. Recently received an Eliza in Black/Multi. It has a lot of brown and light colors. Is this bag just for winter or all year?
  2. Black MC is definately good for all year IMO.
  3. Agree, it's all year round for me.:biggrin:
  4. I think it would be good for all year round.
  5. i think MC both white and black fit year round. :heart:
  6. Definitely an all seasons bag...and I love how it looks so *happy* with all the colors all the time (JMO)...
  7. I would say year round for me.
  8. thanks everyone.
  9. year a pic...I love black mc and own the aureilla mm and plan on using year round.....
  10. Black MC is FLAWLESS!!

    ALL year baby!
  11. All year yes
  12. All year definitely.
  13. All year! :yes:
  14. if YOU wanna wear it during the winter, then do it! who cares what others say? lol
  15. All seasons! :biggrin: