LV Echarpe Maille

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  1. Hi!
    What do you think about this scarf?
    Anyone has it?

    i've seen it on the LV web site and i really looove it!!:heart:

  2. Hi!
    no one?:crybaby:
  3. Maybe you could post us a picture of this scarf?
  4. Yes!
    this is Maille Scarf in beije(it is about 420$,70%cashmere,30% silk)
  5. Oh i really like it.
  6. Love it! Go for it!!
  7. Thanks you for your opinions!!

    i can't decide between this lovely scarf,and a classic Burberry scarf.
    The price is similar(burberry is a little bit economic than LV scarf)..
    What do you think is the best choice?!
    a Burberry scarf 100%cashmere or this Lv scarf (70% cashmere,30&silk)?

  8. Very pretty!! Go for this....I don't care for Burberry.
  9. I just brought this in brown from HK & it's very soft & smooth (I guess it's the silk). & I also have a Burberry scarf brought some years ago. Both are my best choices ever!

    Well, they are different in terms of how you're going to wear.
    This LV Knitted scarf (70% cashmere & 30% silk) is a bit heavier than the Burberry scarf (100% cashmere). Thus, if you like to wrap the scarf around your neck, the Burberry one will be nicely sitted on your shoulder & around your neck. The LV one will be nice if you only put it on the shoulder or use the looping method to wrap around your neck. (I'll take some modelling photos for you later)

    In terms of the price, I brought the LV one just in Nov. with HK$3150 no tax (~US$404) & the Burberry one from Paris about Euro240 in 2005.

    I hope this will help you to make the choice. Also, you better try on the colour at the store. Initially I thought I would go with Beige for the LV scarf. But brown is actually a lot better for my Asian skin tone. Good Luck!
  10. LV scarf 2.jpg LV scarf 3.jpg LV scarf 1.jpg

    Burberry scarf 2.jpg Burberry scarf 1.jpg
  11. i like the dark one ceci's wearing
  12. Go for the LV, it is more classic elegance IMO.
  13. I'd go for the LV silk + Cashmere is a much better feeling IMO. Design wise both conveys the same message IMO - > BRAND. :smile:
  14. I LOVE it. That color is neutral!