LV earrings

  1. are there any stud like LV logo earrings (beside the bubble earrings) out and/or coming out this season ? any information is greatly appreciated ! :yes:
  2. They have the Monogram Sweet earings on elux, but they're drop, not studs.
  3. ^^^^not good IMO. why not bubble :smile:?
  4. That's about it, LV doesn't do a lot of earrings like Chanel does. I have the Sweet Monogram ones and love them, they're adorable.
  5. i went to look for them on elux
    but i cant find them ?

    point me in the right direction ?
  6. oh those !

    those are too cute
  7. They have a pair of BUTTON like studs as part of the fine jewelry but they are in white gold and like $900?
  8. i wish they come out with more LV earrings, I just love the chanle logo studs.
  9. SO CUTE!!! Modelling pics, pliz....? :biggrin: