LV Dustbags?

  1. Hi everyone,

    Just a quick one: is it true small LV leathergoods (like wallets) don't come with dustbags? Thanks...:flowers:
  2. No, it isn't true.
  3. Out of all my small leather goods ONLY 1 came without a dustbag but I think the SA was a bit too lazy to get one.
  4. I have always gotten a dustbag with ALL my purchases. Once they "claimed" they did not have one to fit whatever I was buying I told them to use the next size up. She was not very happy but I did get one.
  5. My sister just got a wallet and it came with a little cute dustbag. I have however gotten different types of dustbags for different speedies (same size though).
  6. Hmmmmm...I thought it sounded bizarre...I've got my eye on a cute wallet on eBay, but it doesn't come with a dustbag (the seller said that the smaller leathergoods don't....)

    lvbabydoll and john5 have just authenticated it however, so I guess I shouldn't let the lack of dustbag deter me??...:s
  7. everything come with dustbag. I have to have dustbag and storage box if I get something on eBay.
  8. Some do, some don't, if you're going to be using the item, not storing it, then there isn't any reason that you NEED the dustbag. I rarely use mine at all.
  9. my french purse and business card holder didn't come with dustbag. I got my french purse in soho NY and I guess I didn't ask for has been a while so I can't remember correctly but I'm positive I didn't get one for my purse, but I bought a mono mat coin purse at the same day and mono mat came with dust bag(very very small).. and my business card holder, I got it from elxu and it has been also about 3 years and didn't get one.. I actually didn't realize those come with dustbags until today. never really thought about it because those small goods you use it a lot so you don't need a dust bag IMO.
  10. Thanx again babydoll :flowers:...and I think I feel ok about bidding on the wallet now...
  11. Thanx Lovelove...really appreciate the opinions, just working through my eBay paranoia - better safe than sorry and all of that!!
  12. Some do, some don't. My mom bought the Azur Pochette wallet and didn't get a dustbag but when I bought the exact same one but in Ebony on another occasion, I did. I asked my SA (she was actually the store manager) she told me that she justed took mine out from their storage so the wallet was still in it's dustbag and that maybe my mother's wallet was one of those they have in the store to show to the costumers and maybe my mother's SA forgot to get a dustbag for it because of it. However she offered to give me one extra but I didn't take it. I hope that helped ..
  13. Hi KikkiSweet, yep thanks 4 that! Looks like it really does depend on the particular SA u get, because there seems to be different opinions from various people...definitely helps with my understanding though, so ta! :smile:
  14. I'm just happy I could help, good luck on your purchase :shame:
  15. I've always been told that canvas small accessories don't come in dustbags whereas those that are made of leather or have leather on them do? Maybe I'm wrong though.