LV dust bags

  1. Ok, this may be a really stupid question, but I'm not so knowledgeable of LV especially since I haven't purchased a new one in quite some time now. But I noticed on eBay that some bags now have dustbags that says "Louis Vuitton" instead of "LV". Is that new? Or is that a sign that it's fake? I mean the 4 Lv bag that I have all have dustbags that say "LV". I'm just curious, did the dustbag change? I wouldn't know since the last LV bag I purchased was almost 3 yrs ago.
  2. The one with "Louis Vuitton" is new. It's also of a different material
  3. Ah, good to know! Thanks!! Do you know as of when?
  4. ^
    The old dustbags still lingers, but I got a LOUIS VUITTON drawstring dustbag back in 2004. I don't have any LV dustbags for any of my purchases after that. Of course, the texture and material of the dustbags changed again after the LV was changed to LOUIS VUITTON also.
  5. The older ones were a dark beige flannel and only had LV stamped on them and were drawstring (started in about the early to mid-1990's I believe). Then they switched to a stiffer linen one that was more of a yellowish tan and say Louis Vuitton on them. Now the ones used are the same color and also say Louis Vuitton but are much softer, more of a cotton blend instead of linen.
  6. ^ exactly what miss cupcake babydoll said. ;)
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