LV Dust Bag...

  1. I've seen two versions, one with LOUIS VUITTON and one with just the LV logo... which one is the authentic one or do they make both?
  2. Both versions have been made. The one with the LV logo is the older version...I don't know when they replaced it, though.
  3. They make both. The color of the LOUIS VUITTON one should be beige/yellow while the one with the LV logo should be light brown/coffee color.

    But of course they make fakes of both dustbags...
  4. They're both authentic.

    The one which looks more like brown and with just the LV logo is for older LVs
    The one with Louis Vuitton and looks yellow was introduced several years ago.
  5. Thanks everyone for your responses!
  6. I'll add this - Always look at the stitching on the dustbags if your buy on eBay and they have a dustbag pic. I've seen some bags that look authentic but the dustbags completely off. Makes me think twice about the authenticity of the actual bag. Stitching should be straight.
  7. about 2000, i thought. ill look it up tonight. the full name is the newer version.
  8. The older style drawstring dust bags had drawstrings that were made in two colors - dark brown and a royal blue.
  9. Oh blue too, that I want to see!
  10. Amother please tell me if L.V.Poppin court, code number SP0036, and the dustbag says on the TAG made in India is not faaaaake? Thanks Rosie
  11. Do all the dustbag Made in Italy with same code numbers?
  12. CB pieces from 2003 still came with the old LV logo dustbags, so they must've changed it after that.
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    LV do produce their dustbags in India or Italy (not sure if there are any other country which produce them). If you're not sure of the authenticity of your bag please post pics here--> Will need close ups of the LV heatstamp,date code,zipper pull and the bag in general.
  14. Not all. Mine are produced in Italy or India or nowhere (jk, no specific country was printed on the tag, only says 100% cotton and a set of numbers) Also not all numbers are the same but a few of them have similar number.