LV dust bag question

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  1. Hi guys, I couldn't find anything on this but I was wondering if anyone has gotten any old LV dust bags (the one they discontinue in 2004?) with their purchases (after 2004) from a LV store. Thanks in advance.
  2. Not lately, I usually get the new ones. But it's always possible that an old dustbag can still be given out. A good majority of them may have been misplaced or the bag was simply put in a box instead of a dustbag as well, so there's always that chance.
  3. When did the new ones come out? I have two types of fabric for my dustbags, only for the heart purse I got a dustbag that is kind of fussy on the outside of the fabric. Are those the "new ones"? If so I evengot an old one for my pochette purchase azur before christmas. I like the old ones better, the fuzz is icky to touch.
  4. The really soft flannel ones that were dark beige and had the "LV" logo on it came out a few years ago and were discontinued. Then they switched to the stiff linen ones that were a light beige-y yellow and said "Louis Vuitton" on them in about 04 or so. Then around mid-year last year, they came out with a softer version of the previous one (with "Louis Vuitton" spelled out). It's not as fuzzy as the flannel ones but much softer than the linen ones.
  5. I don't have any dustbag with "LV", so I guess all of my dustbags are of the second type ("stiff" linen, allthough I think it's still quite soft), one drawstring and the rest sort of envelope-ish. This last one I got for the heart purse has a different type of feel (like it's coated in some sort of fuzz, feel a bit like fleeze to me, probably why I find it icky. >_<) on one side of the fabric (the one on the outside of the dustbag), so I guess that's the new type. I've gotten 2004 ed. (=P) dustbags untill christmas 06 though, both in abroad and here autumn 2006 , so I guess those were "leftovers".
  6. Nope...I got the new one (light beige-yellow with "Louis Vuitton" writing on it)
  7. So getting a dust bag that says "LV" from the store is very possible? I just wanted to make sure that this can actually happen.