LV Dramas - Somebody help!

  1. :cry: My Boyfriend just brought me the most gorgeous bag ever… and I must say he spoils me bad. LOUIS VUITTON "ONATAH GM " FLEUR HOBO BAG! The problem now is that there are scuff stain on this precious yellow suede and I don’t know how to get it off :sad: . I took it to LV and the told me they can’t clean it. I took it to professional suede cleaner and he looked at the care instruction and it wouldn’t allow water, which is how he cleans most suede items. I don’t know what I can do. Oh I wish LV had warned me about this, I’d just feel really let down. I’m stuck with a AUS$1970.00 Bag, that I can’t clean and hence can never be used again! :cry:

    “In case of superficial stains, we recommend that you use a light colored, dry and soft cloth”

    Above was the only cleaning instruction that was provided to me when I got the bag. Can someone tell me that is just plain Stupid.:mad:
  2. This is unfortunately the drawback of any suede bag, but it's the worst with the lighter colors.

    Just how bad are these marks? If you're really saying that you'll never carry the bag again because of them, you don't have anything to lose by letting a pro clean the bag. Of course you'd have to release him from any liability, but you never know. Sometimes I think LV is the last place to go to for care instructions.
  3. If you're not going to carry it again, sell it on Ebay to someone who will. There is no point in letting the bag sit, un-used in your closet when you can get $$ for it. True, that you won't get what you paid, but you will get something and you can buy a different bag that is less high maintenace, or in a darker color.