LV DRAMA of the year...

  1. Well I'm not familiar with most of you here, but I've been browsing here for quite awhile now. And I love how most of you are just as obsessed with LV as I am.. cause none of my friends are! Anyway, you guys won't believe this story I have to tell you, just let me warn you now, it's quite a loooong story... But I need the emotional support right now! :crybaby:

    Well when I found out that the Damier Speedy was becoming part of the permanent line, I knew I just had to get my hands on one. Already owning a Mono Speedy 25, I knew I loved the shape and style of the bag. So about a week before the release date of June 1st, my awesome boyfriend put his name on the reservation list at LV Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive. This store is where we make our usual LV purchases with the exception of what we buy when I'm away at school near San Francisco.

    So my boyfriend placed our name on the reservation list and asked the SA if we could come pick up the Speedy instead of it being shipped. The SA (I won't be mentioning names because I don't want to get sued for defamation of character, lol :shrugs: ) said that he would make a note on the reservation that it would be picked up on June 2, 2006 and that "it won't be a problem." So June 2nd comes around and when we arrive to the store, we are kindly greeted and helped immediately. The SA at the store who helped us was so nice and the sweetest SA I've ever met. She even made sure that I got one that was Made in France. (This will be important later). As she proceeded to show me a Damier Speedy 25 and I mentioned that we had one reserved for us. Then while she's finding the reserved handbag in the back, there's tons of discussion amongst 2-3 other SAs and what ended happening was that they had already shipped one to my boyfriend's home! Needless to say I was a little upset because the SA showed us the reservation tag on the handbag and in big red letters read "CLIENT WILL PICK UP ON 06/02/06." The SA let us take one home and placed a cancel on the Fedex package being sent to my boyfriend's home. In the end, it was all worked out and the SA even sent us an apology note two weeks later.

    So this past Sunday, we returned the same store because I decided that I wanted to get the handbag heat-stamped with my initials. (Which I would have never known about without you guys :yes: ) And I spoke with the SA who had helped us with the sale. She was so nice and tried her best to get it done that day, but I didn't want them to rush the stamping and said I'd return on Tuesday. She filled out the work order form and even drew a picture of the handbag to show where I wanted the stamping. I wanted it done on the left tab, on the front side of the handbag.

    So today being Tuesday, I was so excited to go pick up my speedy and see how it all looks. As I was driving on Wilshire Blvd., I get a call from another SA at the store and the conversation goes like this:
    SA: Hi, I'm calling to let you know your handbag is ready for pick up.
    Me: Ok, I'm actually on my way right now, I'm stuck in traffic but I'll be there in a few minutes.
    SA: Well, also I wanted to let you know that we couldn't do the stamping on the left side like you requested because the D-ring gets in the way and instead, we just stamped the right side. It's still on the front, just on the other tab.
    Me: :wtf: Well, I really wish someone would have called me to tell me you couldn't stamp the left side, instead of just doing it and telling me in hindsight.
    SA: Well don't worry, it's doesn't look weird or anything.
    Me: Ok, regardless of whether you think it looks weird or not, I'll be there in a few minutes.

    Well when I get to the store, I speak with an Assistant Manager on Duty who let's me look at the purse and examine whether I like it or not. I don't want to give up this specific purse and demand a new one because it was a gift from my boyfriend and holds sentimental value. The AM apologizes over and over and assures me that this issue with be addressed. And while I am looking at the bag, I notice that the lock that was on it is now missing. I tell her about it and she ends up giving me two sets with the same number because she noticed that I was carrying my Mono Speedy 25, and said it would convenient for me to have one key for both. She wraps it up and I leave feeling torn, happy because the heat-stamping looks beautiful, but unhappy because they stamped the wrong side on purpose without asking me.

    By the time I come home, I take the bag out to examine it more thoroughly. I notice that inside the handbag is a security sensor which is supposed to taken out by an SA. And I do remember setting of the security alarm, but no one stopping me on the way out. I assumed it was another customer leaving while I left. And then I look in the open pocket and notice the two tags that come with new handbags. Obviously, I thought this was odd because I didn't put the tags back in when I brought the bag in on Sunday. Then I become very suspicious of the hand bag and look at the tab on the outside of the bag. And it reads " LOUIS VUITTON Paris Made in U.S.A." MADE IN U.S.A?!?!?! My purse was made in FRANCE!!! And upon even further inspection, the handles are in pristine condition, there isn't one single crease on the tab on which I hung a lock on for nearly two months, and the pull tab shows nothing more than a fingerprint!!! How could this be if I used that bag everyday for almost two months?!?!

    I am steaming mad at this point freaking out running around my room furious!! :censor: I immediately picked up the phone and called the AM at the store and she replys "OMG.. ok this has to go the lead store manager now. He will be in tomorrow and so will the SA that helped you with the sale and work order. I am soo sorry for this and I don't know how this all happened, but I assure you, when this is discussed tomorrow, you will be called by the Manager and this will be taken care of."

    You can imagine I fell like :hysteric: . So now I am sitting here, obsessing over where my handbag could be. What is going to happen when the manager calls me tomorrow and what I can do. I want the handbag my bf gave me cause it means so much to me. This handbag I have here is not my original handbag and has my initials permanently stamped on it. What do I do, what will LV do?! What would you guys want to be done? My bf says I should be compensated in some way. All I want is the handbag I dropped off to be stamped on the left tab and returned to me safely... :crybaby:

    Well I could really use some advice, thoughtful words and sympathy. I know only you guys would understand. Thanks for taking the time to read all of this, it means a lot.

    :heart: JOHO
  2. hey JOHO
    omg! i dont know what to say!!!... thanks for sharing your story with us - PFers... please feel free to VENT VENT VENT!!! :rant: we're here to listen!!! i just cant believe this has happened to you :crybaby: it makes me sad that this has happened... i always enjoy visiting that LV store and the SA's (apart from One) are great... geez, i just cant get over what has happened!!! before i took my speedy in for heat stamping i wrote down the serial/date code! geez, i was a paranoid!!! :shame: anyway...

    i'm sending you LOADS of HUGS all the way from New Zealand!!!
    i'll be checking up on ya, so please keep us PF-ers up to date!!! :tender:
  3. Joho,

    Sorry to hear what happened.:sad:

    Hope they can find out what happened to your bag and at the same time, rectify the situation as well as your heat stamping issue. Sending good vibes your way! :flowers::flowers::flowers:

    Keep us updated on what they'll be doing to make things up to you!
  4. OMG! I'm in shock!

    I hope it all works out for you tomorrow, please totally let us know how it all turns out!

    I know what my manager would do, but I'm hoping the manager would do the right thing! I can't believe they stamped it on the wrong tab, AND they gave you a whole different bag... I'm totally speechless!

    Just hang in there till tomorrow!

    - Laurence
  5. im sorry this has happened but i feel u deserve a full explanation from the store abt what has happened...they definitely need to find ur bag and stamp the side u want!! if not, i'd say don't do the stamping and bring it to a diff store! im sorry for what has happened and HUGS!
  6. OMG!!!!

    they should deff... give you YOUR bag back!!! omg... im totally speechless, well not really.. I hope everyting works out tommmorrow!! keep us updated!
  7. i'm so sorry to hear about this horrible mix up. venting is completely acceptable. i wish you the best and please let us know what happens after you speak with the SM.
  8. i am in utter shock! i cannot believe this!!!!! :hysteric:
    i am so SOSO so sorry you are going through this now--- and especially having to wait all the way until tomorro for some sort of resolution. hang in there! hopefully they will get to the bottom of this and find your rightful bag! please keep us updated! i'm sending you good thoughts!
  9. Gosh, sorry to hear your story. I wonder what happened to your bag?
  10. That's awful, you have every right to be upset.
    It's an expensive bag and a serious purchase for most people so the stamping should be done where YOU want it, not where they thought would be ok.:rant:
    I hope you get your own bag back and it can be sorted out.
    Hugs to you. Please let us know how it all turns out.
  11. My god i'm speechless!!!
    I hope they give you explanation about it, it's absolutely terrible!!!:rant::censor:
    Let us know, i wish your real baby come back to you:crybaby::flowers:
  12. okay well i'm surprised and in shock because of

    A) i read that entire thing (i normally have some form of ADD and get distracted.. lol)


    B) that is ridiculous!! if i were the manager, i would let you keep the made in USA one with the right tab stamp, AND stamp your original bag on the left and return that to you.. so you get one free bag. cuz really, you can't take back custom stamped bags as a manager, so what else can you do with it but mark it MOS or damage?

    def keep us updated !! i just sent my agenda in to get it stamped on monday, so i hope mine's okay too! even though it's just an agenda.. lol. my SA checked twice with two different managers to make sure where I wanted the stamping to be done, could actually be done, so i'm sorta glad that it was confirmed.
  13. OMG!!! i'm angry just by reading your thread.. it's sucked! they should've been more professional, this is teh least i expected FROM an store like that!!!
    i must say you should demand a full explanation.. OMG OMG OMG!!!!
    i wouldn't leave the store until i get a full explanation!
    this sucks.. i hope you get your old bag & get it stamped again by them.
    HUGS HUGS dear
  14. totally unacceptable !! Demand an explanation, then an apology, and new bag, made in france too, with heat-stamped on the left tab.
    :wtf: :sad: :censor: :rant: :yucky: a little more :rant: :sad: :wtf:

    I hope they make it right. let us know what happens