LV doggie.....

  1. do you know how much$$$? :nuts: :heart:

    i want this SOOOO BAD!! isn't it the cutest?!!!:love:

    i just took picture out of the big Louis Vuitton book.:P
    doggie.jpg doggie2.jpg
  2. Holy Sh:wtf: t. I think I want one!:nuts:
  3. Holy cow! I've never seen that before.
  4. this has been posted before. its so cute! i am wondering the cost also
  5. Cost? more than I can afford, I bet!
  6. Usually this kinda "stuffed" stuff (lmao) can fetch alot, I belive I saw a gucci horse a few years ago, VERY similar for around 2K but on ebay because it was a special edition it was like 8K, there is a new one available but that one is only 1K, however I can guarantee this will be over 3k.
  7. far out!! is that real?
  8. :love: so cute!!!
  9. haha, that's funny and cute!
  10. I'm wondering the same thing! The handles throw me off
  11. ;p;
  12. Omg, my two favorite things together :nuts: I love it !
  13. sadly, this Doggie Speedy isn't for sale... it's a one-off made to Marc Jacob's request.
  14. the gucci horse is on their site its under their 85th limited edition its $1095