LV dog collars....

  1. is there a small one? I found the large and medium, just curious. :biggrin:
  2. yes, there is a PM size. not sure the price, but i'm sure a quick call to 866-vuitton can find out for you. :smile:
  3. Yes there are small ones, I have them for my dogs that are under 10 lbs. They were readily available at my local LV. They never come up on elux btw.
  4. I just bought one last week for my min pin...she is 12 pounds...its a small and it was 180 plus tax. I ordered it from the 866 number! So cute. They are very thin, and I find that the little coach collars are made much better but I wanted to get Violet a treat as we got a new puppy and wanted to spoil her. This is her second LV collar...she has had 2 coach ones. They coach ones last longer for sure.
  5. this is interesting to me because the coach is cheaper. good to know since i was considering saving up for the LV one. vachetta is so pretty and i thought it would last longer...i like the pink leather on the coach collers better anyway.

    my stepmom just got another min pin...she is so stinkin' cute. i didn't like her first one because it has always been so persnickity and just plain mean. won't let anyone but my step mom pet her or hold her, she always growled at me and my siblings when we came in the house even though we lived there full time and were not strangers...she still does to this day, nearly 10 years later! and she bit all my boyfriends. even my hubby, who dogs usually LOVE! i thought it was a breed thing but the new one is so sweet. they are growing on me now. i'm starting want one (torn between yorkie pom and min pin...i have six months to decide). :smile: sorry for the thread hijack. i just love the new minpin. :smile:
  6. ^ our new min pin is a MANIAC!!! I do not remember Violet being such hard work! Lilly is truly like a fire cracker. We will be going to training school for sure!
    The coach collar with the coach logo on it lasted for ages! Violet had the pink with daisys and the red with hearts tooooo cute. The vachetta on the LV gets reallllyyyy dark quick!
  7. ^^^oh! violet and lilly. those are such great names. yay for pets. :smile:
  8. Yes there is a small Teddy has it!
  9. Wow! I'm totally surprised the Coach one lasts longer. I may just pick one up, then. Thanks for the info!
  10. I have a black & white minisignature collar for my little black pug! She looks adorable with it! And yes, the collar itself is extremely durable.
  11. I have a small one, it fits my Maltese. She doesn't wear it anymore and it looks fantastic due to the ageing patina. I'm selling it.
  12. How long is the PM one? I mean how many inches. Thanks for all the responses.
  13. i would totally get one.. if my bunny would wear it... i'm pretty sure she'd gnaw it off.
  14. I wish LV would make a body harness for dogs. :sad2:
  15. You have a bunny? How cute. I am looking to get a PM one for my cat. :biggrin: He is a larger type of cat, I forget what breed he is, but he is supposed to weigh 15 - 20 lbs, he is at 18 lbs right now. But he going to lose weight bc I asked the vet if I could trim a couple of pounds off and he said "sure, a little bit."