LV-does yours have this?

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  1. hi peeps! need help.. when you guys purchased LV bags and such from boutiques does it include this white tag with barcode and bag name as well aside from the small yellow tag? thanks.

  2. I can't see your picture. But if its whats I think it is, then yes I have gotten those =) I usually don't get the white one, but it has happened.
  3. Your picture isn't showing but those tags do exist, yes. The boutiques don't always give them out though.
  4. woppsie.. this is the tag im talking about..

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  5. ^^ yes. I got them too. That and a cream color one.
  6. These tags are included.
  7. do all LV bags from boutiques have this white tag included in them?
    2 of my LVs have it.. my neverfull and my mini lin.. but i cant remember thought for my totally MM. i got my LVs from singapore boutiques..
  8. a lot of SAs throw those away when you purchase your bag which might be why you don't have all of them.
  9. Yes LVs do have these tags... ive noticed if you buy from the boutique... they are not included, only the little cream one that tells you what the material is on your bag. But i have always got both when buying from the Online Store.
  10. Yes, I've received those when I've purchased my bags. On some of my pieces, a sticker version was on the dustbag.

  11. Sure to have both whenever i buy bags or SLGs from SG boutique. My Totally MM has too.