LV discounts--such a thing?

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  1. Hi, I am new to this forum. Actually, I'm pretty new to the world of handbag shopping... :love: However, I have been looking around and nothing has been etched in my mind as much as the LV Speedy 25. I can't stop thinking about it!!! To me, the $540 is kind of steep... I haven't been in the working world that long yet so I've never bought a designer handbag before. I'm pretty scared of eBay since a lot of the bags seem to be fake. Has anyone ever heard of discounts on LV bags?? Also, would anyone happen to know of when this supposed price hike is supposed to happen? Perhaps I should just save up and get the real one at an LV store... :shame:
  2. I don't think LV gives any discount or special sales, unless you're their employee or your friends work for them and can buy the bag for you using their employee discount. The price hike is supposely around 2/20. I advice you to buy it from the store if you don't want to stress over the authenticity. Or check out ebay but be sure to post photos here so someone of the members can help you out.
  3. I believe if you save and get the "real thing" at the "real store" It will save you lots of time and headache. You are paying a little more for piece of mind but it is definetely worth it.
  4. I've heard associates at HR get 25% of LV and Chanel and 50% off everything else! Damn ! almost makes me wanna work retail again...haha
  5. LV associates only get discounts at certain times of the YEAR and they are not allowed to buy the current seasons bags with their discounts. So for example they would not be able to get a globe shopper or a suede with their discount.
  6. That sucks! :sad:
  7. What is HR?
  8. Holt Renfrew is a high end Canadian department store...I believe that's what she's referring to. =)
  9. Hi I'm new here too so I hope this works:shame: The closest thing to a discount you can receive (without working for LV of course) would be to buy from eluxury through ******.com. You would receive 3% off and you wouldn't have to pay any sales tax, just shipping.
    I highly recommend the speedy 25. I've had two of them and currently have 4 speedys. They're a Vuitton classic. I wish you the best with your new purchase. I have to say I've been buying LV for nearly 20 years and I still haven't grown tired of it so you might want to be warned haha! ;) V
  10. Yeah, they can only buy a certain amount and the item has to be out 6 months before they can buy:cry: At least thats the way it is here. Even still, it would be a cool place to work!
  11. I bet you've amassed quite a collection !! I hope you will share it with us in the future in the bag showcase forum ! :amuse:
  12. LV never go on sale. You could buy of a mypoupette seller of ebay or from the store. If you see an auction and we can look at it to see if it is authentic.
  13. V!!!!!!!!!!! It's Jenny from LVLU :nuts: WELCOME!!!!!

    ****** is a great idea but lets not forgot the poor souls (me included) who live in CA or TN that still have to pay tax :sad2:
  14. :nuts: Hi Ya Jen!!!!!! I just saw you in another thread and said hello. Lulu recommended it here so here I am haha! Good to see ya!:biggrin: V
  15. Hey lovely ladies, this site you can buy speedy 30 for $430 include shipping. I think this is fabulous as I'm getting one for myself. I can't stop thinking about it. Anyway this is real right site? just want to make sure again, I was about to get the purse from sacbelle until I found out that they were all fake.