LV discontinuing Damier pochette!!!!

  1. :tdown::crybaby:Wanted to let everyone know LV told me yesterday that they have stopped production on the regular Damier pochette. They will continue the mini but will no longer make the regular damier pochette. If anyone has this item on their wish list, get one while the boutiques still have their current on-hand remaining stock!
  2. Wow! I wonder why? Isn't it popular?
  3. Weird...are you sure she didn't mean the Navona? I heard that was to be discontinued after the Pochette was introduced since they're so similar.
    Here are both:
  4. ^^ That's what I've heard too !
  5. That's really strange. I would have thought it would be really popular. Hmmm maybe it's time to get a pochette...
  6. oh no!! i was going to ask for one for xmas!!
  7. When she told me this, that is what I first thought she meant, but she clarified it was the regular pochette. I expressed how it had not been out that long, and that I thought it had been popular since so many s.o. it before it became part of the regular collection and that is why LV added it in the first place. She did say the mini would still be made though. This was LVs customer service 1 866- vuitton.
  8. ^Eek, well 866Vuitton hasn't been known to be very knowledgeable when it comes to info about items. I think she may have been mistaken. :push:
  9. I guess it's time to get a damier piece!
  10. aaaah! i really want one now!
  11. OH NO!!!!! I really want a pochette...i just cant see spending $300 on a pochette..i have been trying to scan eBay for one...but i am afraid of fakes with damier. lol.
  12. Wonder why?
  13. wow. i thought it would be around for a long long time. sad.
  14. *strokingherdamierpochettelovingly*
  15. they are going to stop producing a popular item? :confused1: