LV dilemma

Nov 22, 2009
I am new here.. but i wanna know what you all think of the LV trunks and bags stamped collection. Is it still available? which year was it introduced in?
I wanted the mini pochette...

other bags in my wishlist (soon to be fulfilled)
1. mini lin speedy 30 in white(dune)
2. Tivoli GM ---- I soooo love it
3. Galleira PM in azur

will have them all by Jan hopefully

Let me know what you guys think of these bags, esp those who already own them :smile:

also worried about getting the azur galliera.. is it hard to maintain?


Call me Kenny.
May 2, 2006
The Trunks & Bags collection isn't available anymore sadly, unless you are lucky to find a piece but I recall a member saying he/she got the last piece in the US. I think it was produced in 2008, and now there's this season's labelled collection which is very similar I guess.