LV dilemma can't decide which bag is for me


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I am having a LV dilemma everyone, please help :confused1:.

I thought I felt in love with the Mono Speedy 25, I went to the LV boutique on Saturday and purchased it (the SA was very helpful and ensured me that I will not regret my decision). I changed my mind almost the minute I walked out of the shop. Anyway I took it back and the SA was not happy with me and asked what model I would like to exchange it to. I had no idea, after spending about 45 minutes looking around the store (I looked at all their wallets and bags and I still didn't fall in love with any of the models). I ended up getting a credit note. She told me this will be my last exchange as I already exchanged it once before (I took back the Black Epi Pochette and got a credit note last week). The SA was not impressed and said I should make up my mind because they will not do anymore exchange for me. I felt kind of embrassed . :crybaby:

I just don't know what is wrong with me. I thought I really wanted the Speedy and have been thinking about it for so long . I think I finally realised that I am never going to be a hand bag person, I much prefer shoulder bags. The SA did show me the new Beverly GM and the MM and I liked them both but didn't fall in love it right away. I have been thinking about the Deauville for a while but I am worry I might not like it when I get it. I am so drawn to hand held bags but I just can't seem to love using it kWIM? I wonder if I could wear Deauville as a shoulder bag? I wonder if the handles are long enough?

Help girls!


Jun 8, 2006
I don't think Deauville is a shoulder bag unless you have really really skinny arms. Did you try the Lockits? Or it might be a good idea to look at your options in LV website or "visual aid" sticky. Good luck.:yes:
Dec 13, 2006
You won't be happy with the deauville, it's very similar to the speedy, however much larger than a speedy 25. The trouville is more in line w/ speedy 25 size. I think you should just embrace that you prefer shoulderbag style and go with those options(cabas piano, bucket, petit noe, batignolles ver/hor). I totally understand where you are coming from. I LOVE the look of the speedy, have two and am planning on a 3rd, BUT the convenience of my bv can't be beat! Needless to say, I'll put up with the inconvenience for the 'look' I adore, and when I really need my hands free I opt for my bv. I really don't think you'll be satisfied w/ your purchase however unless it is completely functional and thus I would opt for a true shoulder style, not a hand held that 'can' be worn shoulder style on the 'right' type of arms or with thin enough shirts, kwim? I think we're a bit alike, I read your me page and I'm also a minimalist that hates clutter and things that aren't completely useful and tailored to my needs. GL! And don't worry about being embarrassed, no one can embarrass you only people embarrass themselves and she was the one in the wrong, if you are allowed to return, then it's your right!
Sep 24, 2006
The Golden State
I know what you mean about being attracted to hand-held bags even though I am mainly a shoulder-bag gal. Why don't you just start off with a shoulder bag first? Check the LV website and eluxury and see which one or ones you like, put it on a list, and go to LV to try them all on. I'm sure you'll find something that you'll really love! Good luck!