LV diaper bag

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  1. monty gm versus totally MM -- any thoughts?
  2. I would choose the Totally MM or GM as a diaper bag....was thinking of getting one to use for that exact purpose (when I have a baby, though I already have a Gucci diaper bag that I use as an everyday tote and it is the equivalent in style to the LV Totally).

    I think the Totally is so useful as a diaper bag with it's side pockets - bottles will fit in there, though you'll have to get a diaper pad (my Gucci bag mentioned above came with one, so I plan to use that).
  3. Totally MM or GM Totally looks like a diaper bag to me. :P
  4. I have 4 kids. I recommend either the Neverfull MM or the Totally GM. I own the NF MM and think the size will work well for a diaper bag. I also own the Totally MM but honestly think it's a little small for a diaper bag. I would recommend the Totally GM.

    Good luck and congrats!!
  5. i just got a Totally MM for use as a diaper baby is not born yet so I can't attest to how useful a diaper bag it is, but so far the bag seems great..very lightweight, comfy, and i loove the outer pockets, right now i use it to store a water bottle, in a few months i will use it to store baby bottles, wipes, etc
  6. I got the Totally GM to use as a diaper bag..
  7. I'd go for Totally GM :tup:
  8. thanks for replying ladies! i think the totally may be more practical (or as practical as a LV diaper bag can be :P) but i am currently feeling more attracted to the monty styling. i may need to try them on and play with them in person. love an excuse to visit LV! although i have to say if the totally came in damier ebene it'd be a grandslam...unfort our little nugget won't be waiting for LV to get off their rears to put one out :biggrin:

    i am not one who tends to carry a lot of stuff for myself (one slim cellphone, the key/coinpurse, keys, and a chapstick) so i'm hoping either would have enough room for baby stuff and give me a tiny itty bitty corner. do you mommies out there feel the outside pocket is a dealbreaker on diaper bags?
  9. I would go for the Monty GM!
  10. I haven't decided what I want, yet. I was think about the neverful.
  11. neverfull gm or totally. they are nothing but stylish diaper bag to me. you will be one stylish mama.
  12. I currently have a monty gm, and I'm wanting to try on the totally pm or mm. I have two kids, one is almost potty trained, but I still carry diapers etc. I never used bottles, but I really disliked how the monty has just the one pocket. The only real upside to the monty was the curved sides. I liked how they didn't stick out while over the shoulder and wearing my son in a sling or beco. For me, a diaper bag/every day bag needs three things- 1, a zipper closure to keep small hands (or even other unwanted hands) out. 2, able to shoulder carry with one arm (picking it up and slinging it onto my shoulder with one hand while holding a kid on my hip with the other) and 3, pockets! I carry one bag, not a diaper bag & purse. I'm constantly digging around in my monty for my six key holder, iphone case, gum, mirror, etc. while they get buried under my heavy eugine wallet, cosmetic pouch, coin purse, wipes case & cloth diapers. I like the idea of being able to put things in the side pockets on both the inside & outside of the totally. That way I can just unzip & grab the important smaller items quickly, before missing phone calls :smile:
    The only downside I've read about the totally is that it looks like a diaper bag. Ummm well I guess the two year old wearing diapers next to me & calling me mommy makes any bag on my arm a diaper bag! :P Now I just need to figure out what size looks good on my frame!
  13. Totally MM has longer shoulder straps, outside pockets, and great interior pockets.
  14. [​IMG]

    this diaper bag is kinda perfect :smile:
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