LV Diaper Bag

  1. Is LV ever going to reintroduce their diaper bag? I saw someone carrying on in the airpor & it is Perfect. I have 5 children 6 and under...lots of stuff.:nuts:
  2. I'm almost certain you can still buy the LV diaper bag B/C I've seeen it in several LV boutiques. If not, you could get it buy calling 866 VUITTON or by checking out your local boutique b/c they might still have one as it was not a super popular model. But I love the idea of designer diaper bags. Coach has one right now at as an option as well. Heidi Klum uses a Birkin as a diaper bag for Henri:roflmfao:(which is kind of funny and sad b/c Birkins are so precious):crybaby:and Gwenth Paltrow has a Chanel one for Moses.
  3. Actually, I was first on the list for that 3 or 4 years ago here in Mtl. When I saw it, I did not like it at all. It's like 2 messengerbags on opposite sides...I just did not like it. Check it out really carefully if you see one. It did not hold enough either.
  4. I heard rumors that we would introduce another one.... but yeah they are just rumors as of this moment. If I hear anything for sure I'll let ya guys know.

    I would imagine The Sac A Langer from the Mini Monogram is no longer available with LV itself... It only came in that one blue and khaki...but I'm sure there is "zero" in the company nationwide by now... I would imagine its been like that for a while now.
  5. Wow! Five children age six and under? Bless you!!
  6. I wouldn't bother paying out for an actual diaper bag. There's a monogram mini one on the UK website and it just looks like a messenger bag. I have a 5 month old (Six months on Sunday) and I just use my PH as a diaper bag when I can't be bothered lugging his actual one around or for quick trips LOL. I have enough room to carry five diapers, pack of wipes, a bottle, burp cloth, wallet, keys, IPOD, and makeup bag!

  7. oh WOW!!!:nuts: 5 children 6 and under....i don't know how you do it, but you must be a SUPER MOM!! :queen: :party: respect!:heart:

    i used Montsouris as diaper bag for a while, but i never had a need to carry a bottle so i didn't have a tons of stuff to tote around --- i can't imagine how much "stuff" you have to carry all the time!
    my best friend gave me Gina Alexander diaper messanger bag (with my baby's picture on it!) for my BD and i used it to travel to / from japan - us with my 'then' 6mo old....but i stuffed it with so many emergency toys etc, the bag was so heavy with her on my shoulder, it was so hard to walk! i also had my montsouris GM stuffed to didn't seem as heavy though.
    she did so well on the 13hr flight, hardly needed anything that were in my bags....haha

    anyway....i hope you'll find what you're looking for!! how old is your youngest one?! :tender:
  8. belated CONGRATULATIONS:flowers: on your baby!
    i was carrying around as many diapers until a few month ago like you.... now that my baby is almost 9 mo old and all i need is 1 or 2 of them in my smaller purse and less amount of wipes in zip lock..... i leave other 'just in case' stuff in my car or at work (i take her to work with me every single day....since she was a month old!)
    i've been taking my tango bag lately for a quick shopping in the area, wallet, cell, keys and wipes are all i need, i don't even pack diapers anymore! :nuts: :heart:
  9. I would buy a large tote or hobo for a diaper bag and then you can use it later. I spent atleast $1300. on 3 kate spade diaper bags - one of them says "onesies, pacifiers, bottle" on the outside of it. I was a new mother and went crazy. The other 2 are black and baby blue. The point is that after 8 months I did not need them anymore in the same way and wish I had spent the money on something a huge speedy, IMO.
  10. I used the largest LV backpack as a diaper bag when my son was little. It was great. Hands free and all. It's still in great shape after almost 10 years. I still have it and use it as a gym/park bag.
  11. oh wow, star, you are a mom as well?!! :nuts: you look too GREAT in all your pictures, and you look so petit! how do you do that?!!:love: i have to MORE 'baby fat' to get rid of!!:hysteric: :graucho:

    and i am now noticing the less amount i have to carry around! she is ready to walk any day now....!:tender: :heart:
  12. Thanks Sophia618.....It took me 2 years atleast to loose all the weight. It sounds like your baby is almost one years old, I was still very heavy at that time(my choice, I really didn't care, just baby for me:love: ). When you decide it is time for yourself to focus on yourself, you will loose it all!
  13. I know this is an old post.. but Im new and was in the market for a LV diaper bag. I went into a butique in NY the other say and the sales person said that they are no longer making diaper bags. They used to be made in the monogram mini print, but are no longer available because of lack of popularity... she wanted me to try the Cabas Mezzo instead.....

    So, I was just checking here to see if anyone knew if this was just the particular store I went into, or if anyone knows of stores that sell them, because I really want one.

    P.S. Anyone know the model number, maybe I can look it up on google?
  14. I would try calling 1866vuitton and they can search every LV store in the country for you. All of the LV stores inventory is linked in one central computer. Just in case they don't have it....I thought I would mention.....I have the Gucci diaper bag and I love it. It zips open wide so everything is easy to find and there are two compartments on the sides for bottles. A compartment in the back for the changing pad and two compartments in the front for small items. There is also one inside open compartment. I bought it in black. It also comes in brown. I use it mostly with my stroller, but it is neutral enough that Dh doesn't mind carrying it if we don't take the stroller.
  15. I used the large montsouris as a diaper bag too. 5 kids under 6!!! I totally agree, God Bless you!!!!!!