lv diaper bag? authentic?

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  1. i wouldn't go with the second one..just b/c the seller has copied and pasted frmo the site. the other two...i have no clue!
  2. i don't know about authenticity of the bags in question, but here's the elux info...
  3. I agree w/ blushing baby. Have you ever seen the Gucci one? I prefer it and it's about 1/2 the price. The LV is a little masculine to me w/ that wide strap.
    My Burberry one broke after about a week so I don't recommend theirs, Juicy has some great ones and I'll always love my 2 Kate Spades!
    Good luck! Post the one you get!
  4. Yes, I agree. The gucci one is nicer IMO. They have two versions, a messenger style and a tote. Gorgeous. I ended up just using a cheaper end bag because my husband usually carries it.