LV designs exclusive to japan

  1. other than the sophie, are there any other LV designs exclusive to japan? anyone knows?

    also, where are the chances of buyin the damier sophie off the shelf in japan?

    TIA! :smile:
  2. I think the Vernis Speedy was released in Japan for a ridiculously short period of time... so I think the chances of finding one are 1,000,000 to 1... lol I wasn't much help!

    (someone correct me if I'm wrong ^)
  3. Are you SERIOUS?? A vernis speedy?! :nuts: :nuts: Someone show me a picture if this is true! *drools*
  4. Ya i think the vernis speedy was so hard to find.
  5. I happen to have a pic saved from tpf's eye candy page I think?!?! Here it is...
  6. a vernis speedy? :drool: wow, i didn't even know that existed!!
  7. wow :nuts:
  8. oh...dear...god. I could just slide right off of it, so smooth and shiny and mmmmmmm.
  9. i think a lot of the panda was exclusive to japan only
  10. Erm..... how come there was a Vernis Keepall featured in SATC if there's no Vernis Speedy? Can't it be SO'd?
  11. hi all.. alot of panda designs was exclusive to japan? any pics/price? i wana ask my friend to get stuff for me but i need to show her exactly what is it i want.

    as u all know, Lv is more ex in japan so i only wana get those (if possible) those exclusive to japan. thankee! :yes:
  12. Hi, The Pada accessories and bags are from 2003, so they are long gone and so are the other Japan Limited editions. Even the Sophie is probably sold out by now because its so late on in the year.

    The only way you could get something Panda would be on eBay or another online re-selling site, and they go for 3x the retail price, maybe more. :smile:
  13. Hi, no It cant be SO'd, not a clue why but a couple of members have asked there SA's about this in the past and its something they wont do. The Vernis Keepall is called the Mercer and was released for a short amount of time in 1999. :smile:
  14. OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :wtf::drool:I WANT ONE IN POMME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:nuts::nuts::nuts: