LV Dentelle without guaranty

  1. Hi everyone... i bought my Speedy Dentelle yesterday, but it doenst have a guaranty. so i went to LV Boutique today and they told me that LV bags now has no guaraty!!!!! is that true??
  2. What do you mean by gurantee? You mean a little card that they usually kept inside the pocket...:confused1:

    I heard that sometime they took it out, because they have to attach it to the store receipt. However, you can ask for one. :smile:
  3. I think you mean warranty, like you can bring your bag in for say 1 year and they take care of manufacturing defects etc.? Here it's 1 year...
  4. ^Are you referring to the warranty against mfrs defect?

  5. Yeah i was talking about the little card which usually comes with the LV bags, so i went to LV boutique today and asked for one, but they said that they did'nt receive it with my bag. so what shall i do now?
  6. Yeah i meant the warranty
  7. I've never seen a warranty card IRL, but if I had a problem with an item I purchase within the year. I take it back to the store with my receipt.
  8. I never receive one either. Usually just the tag and care book. Just make sure you keep the receipt.
  9. you really don't need any tag or booklet to have your LV fixed if it's defected as long as yours is authentic..and also your store should have your name on their system so no need to worry:yes:
  10. LV's don't come with warantee cards...
  11. No, LV's don't come with any type of warranty cards.

    Most stores have a guarantee for a certain amount of time (usually 6 months) in which the bag will be able to be fixed for free. After that time, repairs will need to be paid for by you. However I'd go back to your store and talk to them about what they offer.
  12. real or not? guarantee for a amt of time?!

    cos i went back to LV with my problem (within mths)... The girl say they never encounter this b4 and thats it...never offer any solution or change anything...
  13. Here I believe it would be two years for LV bags... Due to domestic consumer laws. At least I believe it would be like that, allthough it hasen't really been "tested".
  14. thank you guys, i really appreciate ur help
  15. lets see a picture of your bag! :smile: i love eye candy hehe