LV Dentelle: Okay for Everyday?

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  1. Hi TPF'ers!
    I've been eying the LE Dentelle line lately and have been considering getting a silver BH or Speedy. I love the lace pattern! But I was wondering if you girls think that Dentelle is okay to wear regularly? I switch out my bags so I was thinking maybe I'd wear it every few days. I heard the lace is pretty sturdy, is that true? & do you think that the design is versatile to wear w/ both casual and formal clothes, or is it too fancy for everyday?

    Thanks in advance! Look forward to your opinions! :smile:
  2. I have the Dentelle Gold Batignolles Horizontal. This bag is part of my regular bag rotation and I wear it casual and to work. I feel it is perfect for everyday. Get it!
  3. I love this bag! Definitely get one!
  4. I have the gold speedy and I love it! the lace is very durable and I can use it for school or work, dressed up or down. I say get it!
  5. I have the gold Dentelle Sarah wallet. I use it everyday and I think it is very durable. However, once in a while you will see some loose threads. I talked to my SA and she said that this is normal for the Dentelle line. There's nothing you can do about it. She said just snip it with a sharp scissors, so I did and it looks like new again!

    I love the lace pattern. I think it is one of the best LE lines.
  6. why not? it'd be fine.
  7. I don't own one of the bags but I've been eyeing the BH in silver as well. I would carry it with everything, dressy or casual, and it appears to be very durable. It looks so much prettier IRL than in pictures, I never would have considered the bag until I saw someone carrying it, it's gorgeous, and she was in jeans, a t-shirt and sweater, it looked adorable. I'd go for it! Good luck!
  8. I have the silver BH and LOVE it!!! I wear it with anything!!! One of my favorite pieces!
  9. I love it - I regret not getting the speedy so much! If you can find a good one, then I would get it.
  10. Get it! It's a beautiful line. I have the Silver Fersen and it has held up very well.
  11. Have a friend that has the gold speedy and matching wallet, it is her everyday bag, and just so lovely!!
  12. Definitely it can be an everyday bag!
  13. agree -- you can dress it up or down
  14. yes, of course it is nice for everyday use. u are going to love this bag :smile:
  15. I'd wear it everyday for sure! Mono is pretty casual IMO, and it really depends on how you wear it. I think it would look wonderful with jeans.