LV Denim?

  1. When I first saw it, I couldn't imagine paying LV prices for DENIM.:shocked: But, now that I've seen the thread on denim in the Clubhouse section and have drooled over the pictures:drool:, I can see how totally adorable these bags are!

    Question: How does the denim wear? Does it get soiled and stained? Is it as hard-wearing as the LV canvas/leather? I'm thinking this is the bag I will take to my daughter's softball games, etc. So I will look classy and yet not overdressed.:yes: :confused1: ;)

    Tomorrow is February first. Time to start thinking SPRING & SUMMER! (Okay, time to start hoping for Spring & Summer.)
  2. I felt the same way about LV denim as you did, then I got the denim flat pouch and it is soooo cute (all I need is a wapity strap to attach to it). I would imagine it could get soiled and stained--unless it scotchgarded or something. I also think it would fade and become softer over time like a pair of jeans.
  3. I've had my blue denim baggy pm for about 6 months now:heart: it- it looks great :yes: no stains at all- I take mine to my daughter's hockey games too- it seems to go with just about anything. I've gotten a lot of compliments on it also- I wish I could start thinking Spring/Summer- here on LI it's just too cold.:sad:
  4. I got my denim neo speedy in 5/2005 (just checked the receipt) - can't believe it has been that long . . . I have carried it a lot and it is in great shape! When I first saw the pictures I thought the same thing about it - I thought, if they don't line this bag with something good I am not paying the price.

    Then of course, seeing it in person and opening it up to see the lovely yellow mustard lining - it was a done deal! :yes: I love the bag. It's now being "borrowed" by my daughter and will probably ultimately end up being hers but I still love it. I am sharing the love :yes:
  5. Right when I saw the denim, I fell in love :love: with the line! I hope to collect most styles someday. LOL.
  6. Oh nyhockeymom91, its FREEZING where I live, too -- just outside of Buffalo, NY (not too far from Niagara Falls.):yes: (I think we need a little shivering smiley!)
  7. Denim bags are my fave... :drool:
  8. I love the LV denim line! It is so casual, chic, and very stylish, IMO. I'm so glad there will be matching wallets and more accessories coming in April!

    I'm holding back opinion on the denim patchwork until I see it IRL. It looks messy from the pictures, but who knows?
  9. I have the mini pleaty - I love it to death and it actually seems pretty durable - I am a freak about keeping vachetta in perfect condition, but I think I will be using this bag all spring and summer!
  10. I also thought that for the price we pay, Denim bags weren't worth it, but for some reason I really started to love the Mini Pleaty...:heart:
  11. Beth I hear ya- did a tour of Niagara University with my daughter- (looking at the ice hockey team) in November and it was cold then, can't imagine what it's like now. brrrrrrr.
  12. something about the way the denim is cut drives me seems to me like there'a alot of attention paid to details with my mini pleaty..I love it so Much!!
  13. I have the green denim Gm bag..I love it to pieces!Their denim holds up really well..I trust it more than the Mono canvas....!
  14. I have the Speedy since June 06 and I use it really often... my favourite bag :love: It's so easy to carry as the Denim is way softer than the Mono Canvas... easy to get in and out of... and more pockets than the regular Speedy. Love it!
  15. IMHO, LV denim bag are overpriced for what they are. They do get soiled pretty quickly unless you are BEYOND ANAL when handling them (I wouldn't recommend taking your denim bag to the softball games!) and very hard to clean when they do get soiled. The corners don't wear well at all (I am talking about neo speedy here as that's the one I used to have). If you are a user, like me, don't mind using your bags and seeing the signs of wear, then you'll be fine. However, if you are one of those peple who baby their bags, you may want to look at something else other than denim. Just my two cents.