LV Denim


Dec 27, 2005
My sister is 42 and went to the LV store in New York and fell in love :love: with the denim bags. She has a few monogram bags and likes quality leather bags so this was a departure for her tastes. The sales person made a comment to her that " a lot of ladies over the age of 45 have bought these bags":amazed: and my sister took it as a insult because she feels she looks much younger than her age. So she got mad and walked out. Now she has in her mind that these bags are too young looking for her age-which confuses me :huh: but I wanted to ask opinions if they will work for the over 40? I have not been to LV to check them out but my best friend works in the malll and fell in love with these bags.
I've only seen 14 year olds carrying the fakes so it might be too young for her. I'm in my 20's and I wouldn't even carry one. They are a fad bag that will die out and that wont stay permanent.
I am 32 and absolutely LOVE my denim speedy! To each is own, I guess. I think if she really likes it, she should get it! Why not!!! And I am really sorry that she had to deal with the rude SA!!!
I think it looks better on a younger person, because younger people tend to wear jeans and denim more. So, it'll go better than say with a business suit or something more "grown" up. I have a denim mini pleaty and I feel it's a good match for me, because I'm in college and wear jeans like everyday. Just my 2 cents. =)
I wouldn't let the age factor stop me if I really liked the bag.
I thought I wanted one till I saw them in person at my local LV.In my book it's an overpriced piece of trendy denim .
I think the blue denim looks tacky.I like the pink denim line alot..I think the denim bag is for 18-40 year olds. Like if a 50 or 60 year old person would wear it would look wierd. Epi,and monogram(brown) line are a bit more for the older crowd. Its like a 60 year old walking around with a rasta dior bag... it just isnt right.. It depends for the woman that has the denim,some can pull it off. I saw this lady that was probably 60,and she had the denium baggy?(sp) she looked a bit wierd with it.
I think it depends on the person, some 40 year old women act alot older that others, if she is still young at heart and looks good for her age I would say go for it. If she was looking at the MC I think it would be a different story.
How rude ! I'd be pretty offended since it clearly shows an assumption about age (a touchy subject for most people !).

I do think the denim is probably more suitable to the younger crowd, or maybe younger people feel more comfortable carrying it. Some ladies choose to dress and accessorize more conservatively as they get older, but that doesn't mean everyone should !
I tried one and it didn't look good on me but on another women who was much older than me I guess about mid 40s to 50s it looked great. I think it depends on the person and their style.
I'm 36, live in jeans and own the mini pleaty. I love this bag. It's quite roomy for its size and sits nicely on the shoulder. Saw someone carrying the Baggy pm and now I'm considering it as well.