1. Can anyone show me any LV denim that has developed patina?Thanks a lot!
  2. I don't have one that has patina-ed completely, but I told someone in another thread that I would post my Fuschia baggy pm with a slight orange color later tonight.
  3. Here you go:
    neo.JPG neo1.JPG neo2.JPG
  4. HTH
  5. Im having issues getting the zipper in the front to match the color of the strap. Does anyone have any ideas on what I can do to slow down the strap and speed up the zipper?
  6. I think it's the heat but I have not idea what you are talking about.:shame: Can you do the arrow thingy?:nuts::lol:
  7. I think I got it!!! Are you talking about a baggy?
  8. :lol: :roflmfao: The arrow thingy? What is that? I'm going to post a pic of my baggy pm tonight and show you what I'm talking about.
  9. Yea my baggy. The zipper in the front and the strap are slightly different colors.
  10. My baggy gm

  11. the baggy has the same front as the noe speedy.. Maybe because of its flopping over its not getting patina :biggrin:
    [​IMG] Although there isnt much space for the bag to flop over like the gm ..[​IMG] i'm not sure why it wouldnt patina
  12. Patina on your bag is beautiful!!:love:

  13. ^ Thanks! I was really afraid I wasn't going to like the looks of the denim with patina, I'm more of a naked vachetta girl :smile:

    But I'm loving it now :heart:

    ETA: I love your pink baggy...
  14. OOoooo:huh:, just like the visual aids sticky. We should have a patina sticky. Post pictures of your patina.

    We could call it the Good, the Bad and the Patina. Its just a thought. :idea:
  15. I think it's a great idea!