LV Denim Patchwork Blue vs Gray

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  1. Hi Guys...I want to know if someone has the Gray one and can tell me if its really Gray or Dark the pictures it seems to have different shades of dark blue but the pictures can be deceiving. Has anyone seen it or has pics that can show?
    Thanks. ;)
  2. after label addict grey patchwork my vote goes for the grey :heart:
  3. Beautiful bag...but it does look dark I right? or is it really Gray?
  4. to be honest I don't really know the darker patches are not black maybe a really really dark blue it's quite a strange colour now looking at it. Sorry not much help am I.

    Maybe someone has something in each colour and could take a pic side by side??
  5. I have the blue.....but I had the blue and grey side by side. The grey is definitely grey mixed with grey and black tones......that's how my SA referred to it. I didn't see any blue in it at all.
  6. Blue all the way!
    It has a shine that, I personally think, the Grey doesn't have.